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07 May, 2009

Friend At Work!!!

My girl friend, Cathy, works as a freelancer for La Prairie. Today is her work day at Neiman Marcus and I happen to have a chance to stop by since they have a ONE DAY DESIGNER sales too.

I adore Cathy's golden straw-like flat. The brand is Melissa which she bought at

She looks very lovely w/ yellow, mustard color cropped vest and ethical earrings, necklace along w/ that sparkle flat, everything is so perfectly put together.

Cathy at her facial room. I have an impulse to do facial right there when visiting her!!! haha....

I adore this flat but I know my feet won't look good in it!! *<*

She shows me couple La Prairie products they use for facial. I love La Prairie's products too. Everyone's skin condition is different but mine works great w/ La Prairie's products. I tried couple luxury items and feel instantly pampered by those.

Their popular products are Anti-aging stress cream.
This is day cream w/ SPF 30 which is sufficient sunblock for most of us
active ladies under the sun!!!

I love the big tube body sunblock which feels non-greasy at all and w/ a little tinted sheer cream. I am going to switch to La Prairie.

As for this small jar, it is a more concentrated anti-aging stress serum which costs about $600!!!


  • Diesel jeans jumper w/ cropped bottom
  • Billa Bong fringe vest in slate
2. Shoes: Diesel Gladiator heels
3. Accessory:
  • Puma cap
  • Max&Co. ruched belt
  • Chanel pea sized resin earrings
4. Bag: Balenciaga Violet part-time bag

I am feeling strong w/ my arms lately.....thanks to Yoga & Pilate.

Cathy and I have the same fringe vest. It would be a fun element in every wardrobe.

I feel so macho ~~~


Julia said...

i use la praire - love it. fit my skin well. you should switch.

love your outfit. very fashionable!

yup, today is NM one day sale. i bought a few things already....will show on my tread on tpf.

what did you end up getting?


Julia said...

forgot to mention, your gf, Cathy looked so well put-together. beautiful golden flats she wore. i am with you, i dont look good in shoes like that either. also they tend to come off my heel when i walk.


milkshake214 said...

I have never even thought of using La Prairie until late last year when I noticed some faint lines around my eyes! But I was blown away by their prices. Maybe I should reconsider since both you and Julia have great skin! Skincare is the only thing DH encourages me to splurge on haha:)

I'm seeing some definition on your arms! Looks like all that yoga and pilates is paying off.

BTW, how big is the Balenciaga part time? I'm contemplating getting a bbag, but not quite sure about the sizing of the city vs part time.

isabel said...

Rachel - You are looking hot!!! Your arms definitely look toned.... Love your fringe vest, it adds depth to your outfit.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia: so far I only use their deep cleansing mask and caviar cream (something like that). I really like the sunblock I tried today and I think after I finished my Sheshido, I am going to get that big tube from La Prairie.

Well...I didn't get anything as I think I bought ENOUGH for this S/S. I better save for F/W. hah... I went only to do price adjust for James black tuxedo vest that Isabel told me that went on sale for 30% off too.

So, let me know if you reveal your loot and please post a link for me....I am hardly to keep up all the blogs I am reading these days.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Nancy: You should also try Sisley ..... well, at least ingredient is from herbs and great for your skin too. Then you def. should try some peeling or fading cream or anti-aging products (oh, this is precaution which doesn't mean you have wrinkles already.)

I am like work-out-holic...lately. If I plan to exercise that day then if I couldn't, I would be upset. =[=........

As for us taller girl, partime would be better than city as it is JUST A LITTLE LONGER in handles which allows you carry it under arms better. The City's strap keeps falling off my arm in my experience.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, sis: did you plan to fulfill your TA hours to complete your pilate instructor? I am still working on my balance and I think I tend to laugh when I lose my balance..then I can never get the balance back...gotta change that attitude. ..... FOCUS....FOCUS.....

I took kids to Border's store this afternoon (evening) and read mag. about Pilate and Yoga. I learned a lot...I think I will do better this SUN. w/ power yoga. hehe.... I mean I won't laugh even I lose my balance. :P ...I found pretty/hot/sexy... yoga clothes too. haha...


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