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12 May, 2009

Summer Straw Hat!

After I gone crazy about blazers, that has come to a stop. That doesn't mean I won't wear them, it's just I will wait until the weather gets cooler again.

I always dream of wearing a straw hat and sexy maxi dress walking in the Caribbean. However, DH is not a fan of Maxi dress but at least I still can get the straw hat to have the same kick-back look. This wide brim straw hat from Juicy Couture is perfect to protect me from the scorching sun in Taiwan.

Love the white, black and taupe ribbons. Easy spirit and easy to match clothes.

Here I come across these two looks from See By Chloe and J Crew. They are my inspiration for today's ODJ. Pastel colors and floral prints are really charming in the summer.

Pic. courtesy of See By Chloe.

Pic. courtesy of J.Crew.

Yellow is the only color that is absent in my closet. I might have one dress which has sparse yellow color but that's about it. Cathy gave me this pink-yellow floral print shirt the other day and I am totally in love w/ it.


1. TOP:
  • beige spaghetti top bought from AEOS
  • Diesel yellow-pink floral print shirt
2. BOTTOM: no brand olive color tulip shorts
3. Shoes: wooden slippers w/ crystals bought in Taipei
4. Accessory:
  • Celine Boogie tote
  • fuchsia beads necklace as bracelet
  • Chanel 08 s/s pink camellia earrings
  • Chanel 09 s/s multiple color cc logo camellia scarf

Recently, I skip doing my eye-brown and only trim them....oh, I had a flat hat hair there.........grrr.....

Now, imaging I am in Caribbean already. :)

Cathy's nanny left so she has to take care of her 2 young sons on her own. They are only one year n' 2 month apart that is almost the same age difference between my first son and the second daughter. The most difficult part to go shopping w/ two young boys is they are full of energy and lack of patience when waiting for you to try on clothes. lol

Cathy's son attaches the sticker on his forehead. lol

Her son probably thinks that is a face painting sticker. haha..

I am quite strict in terms of disciplining children. I guess Cathy's son still likes auntie Rachel (me) even though I am very strict to him too. haha......

Cathy had Ed. Hardy shirt and sneakers on. And that pair of Level 99. boyfriend jeans looks quite comfortable and has just the right touch of slouchy!!!!

Thanks to Cathy for her lovely gift---the Diesel shirt!! It was quite a hectic day for her and she must be past out by now. Hopefully she will find a perfect everyday routine w/ her two sons soon.


Qian said...

hi rachel: thanks for your reply. I am in santa monica. too bad, it has only one boutique in sf. I know there is a boutique of anges b in shanghai. probably will visit it this fall.

I like your hat on you but not everyone wear it well. You are skinny. seems power yoga works well for you.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Qian: Santa Monica...we just visited there in April. We stayed at Georgian Hotel by the beach. Well, I would say buy Agnes' b during their sale is a not bad deal but they are more expensive in Asia. ..maybe not worth it!!

Thanks, sweetie. I Lurrrve the hat and finally I found a "fashionable" straw hat for myself. I think that kind of straw hat would look great on everyone, literally.

speaking of power yogo...I went to exercise on Sat. and Sun. ...but I probably won't make it again until this Thur. So many appointments and kids' school event this week.

Julia said...

floppy hat is a great idea. i used umbralla today in the park and some people seemed uncomfortable about it. i think a couple of little boys never seem a unbralla or something, they were following me and stared me with their big eyes.

i understand you missed out my odj pictures...the thread is a busy place with tons of pictures...i often get lost. i start posting my stuff on my thread again. i will send you a link with my new loots tomorrow. right now, just a Herve Leger...the rest will be posted tomorrow.

Julia steffe

litlstrawberry said...

Ah Ha....Harve Leger... Irene so wanted me to buy their super tight sheath dress....just because all the celebrity wears it..however, I don't see myself have that kind of urge or occasion to buy it NOW. Maybe next brother will get married and we are flying back to Taipei again... But I doubt I will wear their super tight dress to the wedding..haha..

Ok. send me a link of your loot..I am very excited. I am in a hibernating mood right now as I think I bought enough for this summer.... well, not shoes though. hehe..

Julia said...

OMG...i dont know why we even think alike...i just said the same thing about HL dress on my thread.

go to this link for my loot from last week (one page back for my HL):

me too...not in a big shopping mood now. me too, will need some more shoes this summer. i think a lot of tpfer shop toward the end of season to catch the 'best sale'. you and i shop at the we can enjoy the seasonal stuff while they are still fresh. hah

definitely, HL dress is too body-hugging (and revealing) for your brother's wedding! lol.


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