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Day 5, New Hair Bang!!!

This morning, I gathered my guts to have a hair cut for wanting a "BANG" for the longest time. After 1 hr. of massage, hair blow dry and including actual hair cut time after talking to the hair designer, Oh La La~~ there I have my perfect, desirable bang.

I am changing to my new harem pants after got home. I love this whole new look of myself and especially this pair of black patent Stella Luna heels. This heels will be good w/ me all the way to this f/w.

We are going to the airport to pick up DH later this evening.

My afternoon ODJ.
1. TOP:
  • ZARA pink tank
  • J Crew distressed Gold tank
  • Plastic Island black long blazer
2. BOTTOM: United Color of Benetton steel gray harem pants
3. HEELS: Stella Luna gladiator heels
4. Accessory:
  • Sonia Rykiel Sworavski crystals owl brooch made as necklace
  • Zara brass disc belt
  • Balenciaga Violet part time bag
  • Chanel 09 s/s scarf decorated on straw hat
I would say my Chanel mini flap will make this look more dressy instead of casual chic.

A look w/ blazer on and J Crew thin golden belt originally.

I play around my limited accessory and I like the big owl as a statement necklace very much.


isabel said…
Hi Rachel,

So you finally took the plunge and got bangs!!! They look fantastic on you... Oh, I have posted my bulgari-inspired ring before on TPF, but I think we have different ones. I know exactly which one you bought because I saw it when I was there. Please do model for us when you receive it. It seems like you are having a blast.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, sis: thanks. After we picked up my DH, I kept bugging him and asking how do I look w/ that I look 5 years. younger??!! hhah...well, he likes it but don't know how long that he will like the bang on me. You know, sometimes I think guys like your certain look so much and they always like you go back to the look that they like the most. ha..

I told Fanny that I know you have similar but I really can't remember what's the style since I never saw yours IRL. I will model it after I got it on Mon. or Tue.

,,,hum...I don't think it is a blast since they cost pretty much like a 227 reissue. :) I would say it is a gift which I would be content as my birthday gift.

Oh..yours is coming too. Eyeing anything at this moment?
milkshake214 said…
Rachel, you look great with your new bangs! I love the look... It's a nice change :) I have actually never heard of Stella Luna until the ladies on TPF mentioned it. Definitely worth checking out when I go back to Taiwan... which will most likely be early next year for Chinese New Year. In the mean time, I shall live through your blog and drool over your purchases!!
Betsy said…
Hi Rachel - To be honest, I didn't think I would like bangs on you since I think your forehead and features stands out more w/o. But now that I see it, it looks great! You do look younger and it's quite a refreshing change for you. So you did plunge in for the harem pants, huh? They look soooo comfortable and perfect for the Taipei weather, I'm sure.

Now I'm super curious about the jeweler that you and Izy are talking about. Is it for costume jewelry or for real designer-inspired jewelry? If they do have good stuff, I'll be sure to ask for the info when I go back to TPE too. :P

You must be happy to have DH back with you and the kids. Where do you guys plan to go? I think you mentioned Yi-Lan before, but I'm not sure. In any case, it'll be tons of fun regardless.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Nancy:
I am so glad that you girls like it. I, myself, are so excited w/ this bang on me after like 25 years from my first "i-think-it-is-ugly-bang" in elementary school. haha...

Yah, I didn't know luna brand but since the advertisement is so big, it is hard to not notice them were worn on Taiwanese celebrities.

Hum...we might came back to Taipei next year during New Year if my brother decided to get married by then. :)

But since the sales are crazy in USA, I am sure you must score something something~~~
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy: Exactly, like I am so afraid that the bang will look so "dead" on my high forehead. But it is amazing that my bang is not THICK but still very "FULL volume" look. The designer also suggested which side of my bang should swift to for a better look....the other side seems makes the bang to separate and reveal too much of my forehead. :)

The harem pants are indeed very very comfy and airy. haha... it is very nice design w/ "double fold" look to make it like a harem pants but is not exactly of its actual legs. All in all, Taiwan is the perfect place to buy almost everything fashion. hahah...

yah..the jeweler. I think I bought sapphire because they are pretty and cheaper than diamond. I know if I want a pretty design of sapphire then I have to find someone who design and also sell them w/ decent price. my other friend bought those jewlery in USA (Irene and Kitty, Melody) and they said normally 40%off from their listed price in store is reasonable price (they really have that large margin.) But I just didn't find that store has something attract me until Isabel wears a BIG strawberry ring w/ paved little sapphire diamond.
Hi R! I love your bangs gal! You look so cute and young with your bangs! Nice nice nice! Glad you took the plunge! And your harem pants look great and comfy too! Love your ensemble very much, esp. the silhouette, layering and the color scheme. Did you have a chance to use your large straw hat yet? I saw it in here in your blog and it looks nice on you. So holiday mood!

BTW R, I am in a dilemma now. Maybe you can give me your opinion? I seldom have dilemma when it comes to buying things, but since this necklace is expensive (close to US$3K), I need some 3rd party advice and opinions. It's a long necklace w/ lots of charms from the Lioubov Collection in Paris-Moscou. One color combo is silver & grayish green (looks grayish dark green), and the other color combo is dark red/burgundy with matte pale gold. Which do think will look better? I have all sorts of clothes & bags to match either color, so that's why it makes it so difficult to choose...:(

This one is what the color gray/silver looks like and how one of the charms will looks like:,3,23,16#8-necklace-with-heart-pendant-in-enamel-and-strass-4,3,16,18

And also here at Post#42:

And also her at the fashion show...(this one which the model is wearing is the exact necklace I'm going to buy...),9,1

Sorry can't find any pics on the gold/red color combo...

Do you think this silver/gray-green (which looks black actually under normal lighting) is boring? Should I choose a dressier red/gold one? Or silver/gray-green is more chic? So confused...hahahaha!

How about you? Are you buying anything from Paris-Moscou? Or you will wait for Fall / Cruise 2010?

Anyway, appreciate your input. Thanks again R!

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Michelle: Thanks. ...well, the big rim straw hat..I totally lost it at home. I don't think it is practical for me to wear it in the I decide to left it at home. It is more like for going to the beach or vacation ....or our northern California. haha...

So, the necklace. I would say the first one w/ big charm is cute and the 3rd one on the model looks like you can wear it as a belt??? I would say go for red...since it is not a classic piece (I mean a muted design in black and white is more a classic piece IMO) so I'd go for as colorful as possible. well, again, it is just my opinion and since I didn't see it IR so may not be fair to judge it unseen.

For me, I love moscou collection but since I am so "out of control" w/ buying, I better wait till this f/w then. :)

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