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Day 4 in Taipei!!

DH will be back from Indonesia tomorrow evening and finally I can have a break from my parents too. They are very very protective, I mean about my 3 young children. They are afraid that my kids will be sick when playing in the park, be malnutrition when not eating a full lunch, or not learning Chinese phonics as well/earlier as possible.....etc. O my, I was brought up by my "strict" mom so I probably understand why I moved far, far, far away from my home town, Taipei, after I became independent. hah....
Well, but on the other hand, I understand every parents' expectation and even toward their grandchildren. :) And I must admit that parents who have higher expectation to their children will
most likely promote their children have more demand to themselves in every aspect. So I decided to let my mom to teach my 2 elder children some Chinese phonetics at home so I can go shopping!!!!!!!!!lol

I went to SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI near 101 today. At last, I found the brand name "Stella Luna" of shoes. It is the same manufacture, Stella International LTD(興昂集團) as MARC BY MARC JACOBS、KENZO、PAUL SMITH、CELINE、GIVENCHYChristian Lacroix,Stella Luna 可說是具備了與國際同步的時尚嗅覺和高超的製作工藝能力,對興昂集團來說推出自家品牌完全是合理而且有把握的事情,而對於台灣,這也是令人興奮的,因為這是一個完全來自台灣的品牌!...
(A brand from Taiwan.)

I bought two pairs of shoes from Stella Luna. One is zebra print flat and the other one is black patent gladiator heels. Did I say I ever needed another pair of gladiator heels especially a black one? Well, then I must be out of my mind!!! lol This black Luna heels has almost the same look as most gladiator heels but even more fun!! Plus, they are super comfortable. According to their store manager, she has the very same pair and she can stand 4 hrs. straight in the lounge w/o any problem. They took my Zebra print flat to have extra topping attached so I won't be able to get it by next Thur. or so.

Here they are!!!! w/ flash!

w/o flash!

w/ adjustable buckle, it will look super flatter my thin ankles.

It has a platform bottom to off set and height of the heels.

Last but not least, my modeling pic. of heels. It is not a good one and I found my parents house doesn't have great lighting and ankle for modeling shoots at night. I guess I will just have to wait till DH came back tomorrow for a better ankle. :)

Yes, I brought my Chanel multiple sized pearls w/ rhinestones and crystals necklace.


Hi R!! Are you enjoying your stay in Taipei? Mia here! Wow....those heels and jeans are fierce! Great choice! And they go well together! can also wear those new gladiator heels with your sparking silver tights bought from Paris! So rocker chic! Congrats on your new Stella Luna again! I also asked Charm to get me 2 pairs of Stella Lunas in Manila, same as what she got. Hope they will fit me. Speaking of shoes, I'm so dead with all these US sales going on. I actually bought like 20 pairs of shoes in total this month (some bought in HK and some bought from the US). They are mostly Louboutin's (I'm super Louboutin "fan" now..LOL!), Lanvin, Valentino and Chanel. I am so broke now! LOL!! I think my "long-lost" shoe addiction has come back again! Enjoy your stay in Taipei and do take more beautiful pics for us! The thread is so silent these days without you.....Have a nice vacation!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia: how are you? I guess like you said you are pretty busy shopping...I told my bodies that it is better that I am not around in USA o.w. I might cry for not be able to shop since I always bought so much. hahahh....

You know, for stella luna, their company really knows how to do business and they made such big advertisement too. Almost big celebrity such as little S, wears their heels too. I guess now I have an excuse to buy Herve leger sheath dress to go w/ this heels. haha....

You know you must be out of your mind.......20 pairs...are you catepillar??? hahahahhaa..JK>

one purpose of visiting Taipei for me is to buy "BRA", I bought some yesterday and loving all the designs. now I am care free to reveal them under my tank, shirt.....:)

yah. the thread...I guess everyone is having vacation somewhere, somehow.
lilbou64 said…
I love those heels!!! They are totally fierce! how much do those cost? I just just learning about this brand! I miss tpe!!
Hi R! LOL! Shopping is really addictive. What can I say? I haven't bought shoes for quite a while since my pregnancy as my feet grew bigger. I'm now a size 40 (before I'm a size 38-38.5). I gave away 200/300+ pairs of shoes to my cousins as I can no longer wear them. So, that's why I want to build my shoe collection again. Hehehehe....

Wow Bra! Will you model them for us here? :D I remember I bought a dozen bras when I was in Taipei before! I like the bra SAs there are so professional that they will go inside the changing room to advise which bras are best for you. Now that's what I called service! In Hong Kong, they don't really do that and I will get so lost! LOL!! That's why I bought so many in Taipei (plus one of my Taiwanese friends is a great enabler as she loves to buy bra! LOL!)!

Stella Luna..yup they are so BIG in China. It's actually a Hong Kong-based company, but too bad don't have any stores here.
Here's an article on it from last year about planning an IPO to buy brands:
Seems that all the shoes are Made in China. But I think it doesn't matter as long as they are comfortable and affordable right? Yup, you have to buy an HL dress!! You can definitely rock it with your model figure! Maybe it will be on sale in the US?

BTW, what is the size you're wearing for your new CL Matatales rose gold wedges? I actually placed an order for that too but not sure yet if it's available. I guess your feet are a tiny bit smaller than mine so just want to make sure that I ordered the right size. Is it very comfy? Can you walk for 6 hours in them?

Enjoy the rest of your stay in Taipei! Take care.

isabel said…
Hey Rachel,
Love your new heels!! I wish I have known about Stella Luna when I was in Taiwan.... Anyway, the jeweler called me today to thank me for introducing you... They all thought you are so pretty, and they can't believe you have 3 kids!!! You bought the bulgari-inspired flower ring and earrings? Are they like mine? You should buy the strawberry ring too, i get so many compliments whenever I wear it, and plus, it's your screen name in tpf!!
litlstrawberry said…
hi, little bou64: The heels is about NTD $6500 somewhere around so it is about $200. Not bad at all. I am going to wear them w/ my cropped pants tomorrow (I only model it at home yesterday evening w/ my beaded jeans.) We'll see if they are great for walk too.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Mia: I think the brand "stella luna" is from Taiwan and they have couple other brands/imports in Hong Kong before they launch it. But I am not so sure about who is the owner of this company by reading those articles. Very confusing.

My heels (CL) is 40 but it gets so lose in Taipei (I assume the weather is humid here and the leather got stretched so much. ) So I would say you can get ONE size bigger than your original size and break in it. I should get 39.5 from my original 38.5 before I knew the leather will get stretched.

Bra: yes, I love the bra here....all the SA are very professional as you said. They know what size to get for regular bra and ONE size down for "NUBRA" to have an effect of one size up when wearing NU-BRA. I LOVE ALL MY BRAS AND I think I AM GOING TO REVEAL THEM UNDER MY TANK. hahahah.....

Good luck of finding your shoes but slowly and more selective. You know, you will always find shoes you love. :)
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Isabel: you know, next time when I visited LA,you should show me what exactly you got over these 5 years. I don't know which one you got from them that might look like these Blvgari-like sets. My ring has couple flowers and one of them can "move" back and forth. IT IS QUITE interesting.

I show DH the pic. of your strawberry but he just seems doesn't have that imagination of what it looks alike IRL. Grrr.......

Anyway....I guess that will be my Birthday gift for this summer. hahah... Now i have to wait even long to get Tiffany's celebration ring of diamond/blue sapphire all around bang...........well..... some gain, some lose. hahah....
Hi R, thanks so much for your advice on the CL wedge. I actually got the size 40. Now I wonder if it will fit my feet coz you got the same size but your feet are smaller than mine! My feet are 26cm long. If it's not too much of a trouble, is it ok for you to measure the insole length of your size 40 by lying a soft measuring tape along the slope of the inner sole from tip to bottom? Just want to know if the insole length of Size 40 is 26cm or less. The shoes hasn't been shipped to me yet, so I might be able to change sizes still after your confirmation. BTW, I remember you have CL Very Prive (the one with sequins) and nude simple pumps. Do you wear a size 40 in those too or 39.5? I wear size 40 for Very Prive but size 40.5 for simple pumps. Maybe this way, I will know my size for the wedge. Thanks again R!

P.S. I wish I can find my shoes slowly, but the US sale is so crazy that you have to make decisions instantly before people grab them! The shoes are gone so fast! Really unbelievable! LOL!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Michelle:
I can't find a soft ruler in my parents' place since they moved everything around. Sorry...but yes, you are right about the very prive and simple pump. I wore 39.5 and 40 of them. I think you will be fine w/ size 40 since I do feel it is a tad big for me now. is it possible that your feed it bigger than mine since you are so tiny??!!! I found it is hard for me to find some heels in Taiwan since most store (boutique) only carries up to 38...OMG, you know, I ask them where are those big feet girls shop for heels then?? haha..
Hi R, thanks so much for your confirmation on your CL sizes. So, I think my feet is half size larger than yours. LOL! Hope the size 40 wedge will fit then. I don't know why my feet are so big too for my 5ft 4in tall body. I think it runs in my family of big feet. I have the same problem in Hong Kong too! Their biggest size is mostly 39 only. Hard to find size 40 or 40.5. So, I'm so happy to order from the US coz they really have greater choices there and the sizes are large enough! I would love to visit the USA some time. Can you believe I've never been to the US in my whole life? When this swine flu thing is over, I think we have to plan a trip to the US next year. West coast first with my son (I always think east coast is for me and my DH only...hehehehe). Tks again R!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Michelle: hope your heels will work for you.

so I guess you traveled the other side of the earth (Europe) a lot. yes, do plan a trip to USA. If w/ your son, I def. would agree that west is better than east coast. :) Let me know if you planned one in the near future.

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