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05 May, 2009

Ready for Fall/Winter 2009?!!

So, are you ready for this fall and winter look???

Just kidding! lol

The runway show is always ahead of the
time and that's why we gals never feel bored w/ fashion. There is always something new to expect!!

Here is the inspiration of my ODJ. Pic. courtesy of
DSQUARED runway show f/w 2009!!
I couldn't find clothes which have exactly pattern as their runway items. However, if I can capture a little spirit of their urban chic look for this fall, I would be very satisfied.

Of course I wouldn't do all this layering on myself in this warm weather but what I can do is imitate the hat, the shirt and the dare-to-look-at-me attitude!!!


1. TOP:
  • GAP checkered w/ ruffle front shirt
  • Dimension super long white Victoria style shirt dress
  • Jill Stuart big collar jacket w/ draw string
2. Bottom:
  • Max&Co. green linen cropped pants
  • Lanette Leopard cropped pants
3. Accessory:
  • Green hat
  • Braided belt
  • Chanel two layered/two toned stockings
4. Chanel Rodeo Drive black tote in perforated leather
5. Shoes: Hugo Boss Orange Boss 2 tones platform Mary-Jane heels

First, I thought I might look like a GREEN seaweed.

How about this look!!! Love white shirt, that's one of the most versatile piece in my wardrobe.

Yes, the CC logo also flattered my vanity of looking sexy in Chanel!!! haha.......


isabel said...

Hey Rachel,

Nice talking to you the other night... I love this ensemble, it's so chic and so you. I think I like it better with the green pants, they complement the ensemble better. I am drooling over your shoes!! Are you going to NM tomorrow? They are having 1-day only designer sale. I actually went today to do pre-sale because I want to avoid the crowd, only bought a sweater though.

isabel said...

Oh I forgot to tell you, I found a tiny hole in my grey Kain label t-shirt, I must have snagged it with my nails, so sad.... Be careful with your tank....

litlstrawberry said...

HI, Isabel: Thanks..your compliment means a lot to me. :) So...they have every designer sale?...but I guess I have to be good...since I just bought Mccarthy top w/ full price. you later...gotta go to work out...these days I love doing power yoga very much...haha.... show us your sweater!!!!!

gr.......I know...they are made of silk that's why.....if the snag is not is fine!! Don't tell me you are going to throw it away..haha..

isabel said...

Rachel - Of course I am not going to throw my Kain label t-shirt away, but I am too afraid to wear it!! Oh, I just saw your Elizabeth and James black vest/blazer on sale for $195, maybe you can get an adjustment? Not every designer (e.g. Chanel) is on sale at NM, but the selection is not bad. The sale is tomorrow only, the price goes back up on Friday, so make sure you go tomorrow!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel:
now you reminded me that I do receive such flyer..but totally forget about it. haha... I got my Alice&Olivia jacket on sale and w/ xs size, I think it might just be a few small size left for sale.

Come On!!! dare not to wear it? That's why you can get new one in the future if old one is ripped!!!!

However, I might need to check if my James blazer and tuxedo vest is on sale too....

how is your jetlag? haha..


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