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30 May, 2009

Day 6 In Taipei!

Ok, this is my 3rd time going back to Elite bookstore. First time is when I forgot my Stella Luna heels on the customer service counter of SHIN KONG MITSKUKOSHI department store after doing tax refund and had to go back there. However, I didn't get a chance to browse throu. Elite store.

The night we went back to SHIN KONG near 101 building and took pic. in front of it.

Next day, (Fri.), I went w/ my DAD and kids to do some craft so I still didn't have a chance neither. Finally, after DH comes home, we went altogether on Sat. again. :)

Why is it so attractive in Elite Bookstore to me that I want to go back again and again? It is not just a book store, it is more like a mini mall w/ almost everything from designer clothes, MCQ, Comme des Garcons, ....etc. and a lot more such as my college favorite brand, Agnes' b too. They also sell furniture, Japanese books, books for adults or children and lots of little cute stuff which is designed by Taiwanese designer within 6 floor building. I also bought couple Chinese Phonetics books for my kids.

Yah, I am drinking out of a super sized recycle bin.....haha..which looks like giant Stuckbuks.

My mom found me my sneaker 15 years ago from United Colors Of Benetton which I didn't even remember I have.

We dined our lunch at FiFi comtemporary Chinese Cuisine on 6th floor located at Elite bookstore.

My little daughter is so photogenetic.

I think I ate too much in Taipei and now I miss my Power Yoga teacher so much....hahah...... promotion dishes for 4
NTD$1680 including drinks for 4.


isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Eslite bookstore is awesome!! My son loved the craft table too.... You should also take your kids to Baby Boss in "Jin-Hwa City", they will have so much fun!!!

litlstrawberry said...

exactly, my old coworker just mentioned that yesterday as we might meet on Mon. which also depends on our schedule if we are going to Huwan lian or not. We live so close to living ball (jin hwa) and my dad walks kids there everyday....well, I am feeling bored there though. hahah..

Tomorrow we are going to do exchange for local NTD to get my Bvlgari inspired jewelry. yah~~

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R!! Wow I haven't been to this Cheng Pin bookstore before! So, is it the biggest one in Taipei? I think my DH and I can spend a day in there. My DH is a super bookworm and love reading so much!

BTW, love your t-shirt-jeans-sneakers look with hat! This is the 1st time I saw you in jeans and sneakers and you look fabulous as usual. Oh, I really like the picture with your youngest daughter (Ilona, right?) smiling. She's so sweet and I'm amazed that she knows how to face the camera and smile! How old is she? My 18-month Mason will just run away if taking pix. Or he will be looking at sth. else instead of facing the camera. BOYSSSS!! LOL!

Hey, thanks so much for your advice on the Paris-Moscou necklace. I might really take the plunge for the red/gold one. But u know, since there's only 1 available for the silver/black one (but 2 pcs available for red/gold one), the "more limited" factor struck me to get the silver/black instead. (I'm a sucker for anything 'limited'..LOL!) But then, after thinking carefully, the red/gold one will pop out more if you wear plain black or gray or beige outfit. So, what do you think? Still red/gold?
This is going to my most expensive Chanel necklace so it's so hard to make a decision! It's heavy though. Can't carry my son while wearing it! LOL!

How about this Russian Doll pendant? Black/dark pink or black/white color combo? The white one will show the CC logos more clearly coz they are white. But pink looks cute too. My SA only got the black/white one now, and she said not sure whether black/pink will be available in the future. Should I just get the black/white one now? What do you think? Is it too boring if it's in black/white?
This is the black/pink version:,3,23,16#8-long-necklace-in-glass-pearls-with-a-russian-doll-pendant-in-plexi-and-strass-4,3,1,18

This is the black/white version (see the russian doll on the model's neck):,3,23,16#8-paris-moscou-fashion-show-chanel-fashion-show-look-56,9,1

So, when are you going back to the US? Tks again R! Have a nice weekend over there! (Haha..can't believe we're just 1.5 hours plane away from each other now....)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle: Thanks.....yah, we are only 1.5 hr. away.....feeling very close now. hha....

Oh. Honestly, i am not so attracted to any of the Babushka dolls which Chanel made. I have a real Russian Nesting dolls w/ 15 dolls inside each other which is GOLD painted w/ its famous Kremlin (I guess?) on wood. That is a gift bought in Russia. It is by far the prettiest one I've ever seen. I will take pic. when I got home in USA for you. So, I have to say, if for you, it is more like a collection, I'd say go for it. But as I searched through on internet, Russian doll seems to be as colorful as possible and especially w/ gold paint. That said I would suggest you to get the one w/ red....or as colorful as possible. :) Still want one?? Or I saved you money now? haha...let me know your decision then.

We are going back on 6/7 DH really can't have more days off than 2 weeks....and I really don't like going back alone w/ kids on the, I have plants to water at


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