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19 May, 2009

If Particular Color Palette Flatters Me So Much!!!

Yes, I had my 101 shorts on again which I bought from Zara this March. Why I said it is my 101 shorts?! I told my friend, for shorts, I don't need many, just ONE would be good for me for this whole summer. I had couple old shorts from past seasons so I really don't think I need to spend more money on shorts every year.
Yesterday, when I go through my closet, I found out that I tend to buy and wear similar colors combination outfit. I had almost the same outfit before as my ODJ but I think different accessories would transform me to a different look. Besides, those colors look really nice together and on me. Don't you think?!!


1. TOP:
  • Zara pink tank
  • Elisabeth & James big pocket long tuxedo vest
2. BOTTOM: Zara moss green shorts
3. SHOES: Christian Louboutin very simple nude pump
  • white beret bought from Whole Foods market
  • Designer friend, Elfi's, silver loop w/ blue stone necklace

  • Chanel 09 s/s pink, turquoise camellia scarf
  • Balenciaga part time in violet w/ silver HW

Anatomy of my odj.


Whole look.

What do you think of those two ensembles???

I had the same shorts and same color combination last time.


milkshake214 said...

Hi Rachel, I think the accessories make a huge difference! Although the colors of the clothes are the same in both outfits, the necklace/scarf/bag change the entire feel of the look. Both are very flattering on you.
Hope your family have a safe trip to Taiwan! Be sure to shop and eat 'til you drop! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hello, Nancy:
Thanks. I love both looks of the ensembles too. These days I was so busy talking w/ Isabel on the phone about the sale. NM, Nordi. mainly. I am busy doing price adjustment is kinda embarrassing but what can I said, can't bear the thoughts of buying two pieces w/ ONE regular price when things are on sale. heh..

oh...I def. will shop a lot but I don't think I will eat a lot though....I normally lose weight when traveling back to Taipei...too hot to want to eat!! hehe.....So if I can shed even more pounds around my belly, I would feel perfect about myself. ..haha....OK, I think all my friends would want to KILL me by saying that. haha...

I will try to upload pic. if I have time in Taiwan. But my mom's house has lousy internet. :(

isabel said...

Hi Rachel, I love the blush/nude with khaki green! I love this ensemble a lot, in fact, I will wear my same shorts (thanks to you sharing where you got them) with a blush colored puff-sleeves blouse I have.... Oh, I think the Stella McCartney sequined tank we got would go with these shorts too, what do you think?

Betsy said...

Rachel - I agree with milkshake214 that your accessories really made such the different between the two ensembles. Elfie's necklace really complimented your Chanel scarf. How many CL nude-colored heels do you have? I've been searching high and low for somethings similar but cheaper but have yet to find any. I really love how well they go with your wardrobe.

I hope you have a safe and fun trip back to Tawian as well. It's paradise for food and for shopping... lucky you! :)

orihime said...

Hi R!

Oh, you are leaving to Taiwan? Can you pack me in a suitcase and take with you? :) I have not been back in over 10 years... I do remember the night markets and the food being delicious! I think summers in Taiwan are too hot for me though but the shopping will be SO FUN! Please have a safe and fabulous trip!

I agree with the others that the accessories transform your outfit into an entirely different one! I love both of them... I really want those "101 shorts" from Zara- are they from this season?

~tammi :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, girls: thanks to all of your sweet I love this shorts even more...

YES< Tammi: that's from this season of ZARA. friends, Irene, just told me that people are crazy buying clothes ON LINE in TAIWAN. THey are pretty, high fashion and pretty cheap too. OH, well, I got ask her what's the site cause' I don't know why she is so excited about. haha..

Isabel: hum...I think they goes together but it depends on the shorts.....that sequins top need either a crop, a legging or a very short shorts.....if they shorts' look is not tailored enough, then we might dress LOW and ruin the look of the top. Well..anyway, wait until we receive the top. I don't even know if my SA can locate one for me.

Betsy: you know that CL is about $595 and miu miu has the same nude, platform pump (i think it is very sexy but just a bit high). I saw it in Nordi. and they are going to have designer shoes sale on 5/27 or after that...(ask sa.). It is now $695 but after 30% or 40% it makes difference. Why not just buy CL then??


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