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31 March, 2009

Classic = Timeless; Timeless ≠ Classic!!!!

Today, I am feeling great about my body. Yes, the soreness came from Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba.

I am glad that the teacher offers Mon. Wed. and Fri. for Pilates which gives me plenty of time to rest and regain my strength. I know the muscles take time to be built and to be shaped and rest in between will make the muscles toned up prettier. I want to have lean and toned muscles instead of big, chunky ones.

I didn't work out today, so finally I had the time to take pic. for myself. I found myself love this pair of Chanel pumps a lot and it goes practically w/ everything. Now I love the fact that Classic looks have long lasting significance which is truly a timeless look too.

We are leaving for LA. tomorrow and I will make sure I bring alone all of our swimming suits. :)


1. TOP:
  • Arbocrombie & Finch beign camel t shirt
  • Mcginn cropped blazer
2. Bottom: Zara high waisted cropped pants w/ cuffs
3. Chanel two tone pump
4. Chanel cavair mini flap in silver HW
5. Wool hat w/ bow
6. Two strings of black beads necklaces

We can look very stylish even w/ those simplest pieces.

I could also use a scarf around my neck instead of necklace!

I tried to have my hat w/ my sunglasses on but they look funny together. haha..

Never have enough hats!!

29 March, 2009

I need a new routine.

On Fri. afternoon, we accompany my son for his tennis class as always. For that whole hour waiting, I think I can get some exercise as well. The gym is right next to the tennis court at the same community center. So I signed up for the whole family w/ their promotion rate. Most fitness centers provide kid-watch program so parents can concentrate on doing their exercises. I am pretty excited as I am going to wake up my every single cell of my body.

I did Zumba, Cha Cha dance and Yo-ga over last weekend. I have to admit that every move is somewhat different among various dancing. Even thought I have some foundation on dancing, it is still quite a challenge for me. For Zumba or Cha Cha, I learned to move along precisely on hip or shoulder w/ every beat, and I think the attitude will determine whether or not you are a good dancer in such a sexy dance. If you don't like to exercise, you better not quit dancing then. Woman are 10 times sexier if you know how to move your body

I don't have ODJ to post since I am too exhausted to do decent modeling. But I'd love to share my fun pic. over this weekend. Now I need to adapt myself for a new routine which allows me to keep up
my energy after exercising, and do blogging, and rest activities w/ my family .

Friday afternoon. Now I call it family get-fit day!!

I had my medical hosiery back on since I had chemical shots for my spider vein. Hopefully it will get rid off the tiny veins as much as possible.

Saturday afternoon. We girls meet at Santana Row at San Jose and our birthday girl bought 2 pairs of shoes where I bought my Sergio Rossi patent red buckle heels.

In fact, I want to pair a high waisted horizontal striped skirt for this ensemble. But since I don't have it, I guess I will have to look for it in the store or online.

27 March, 2009

Fun at Farmer's Market! !!

I used to go to farmer's market a lot w/ my two elder kids but ever since I had the 3rd, I stopped going. Besides, I live so close to Whole Foods Markets, Safeway, and all the Asia supermarkets, what's the point of doing my grocery shopping under the big sun and risking myself of aging w/ all the freckles. haha...

But today, since friend's calling, I guess I could use the time to hang out and introduce the old fashion way of popping popcorn to my little daughter. She likes it and if I remember it correctly, it is the first time she ever tastes popcorn. lol

I only bought a bag of organic baby spinach. I usually saute them together w/ minced beef, garlic, then dash w/ soy sauce and my
kids love it. Well, sometimes I would be tired of cooking new dishes for my kids then I know it is time to dine out to get new inspiration. It is good for moms to stay away from the kitchen once a while and great for family to try new things too.

Yes, taste bud can be trained!!! If you ever hated one type of food, that means you are not trying/eating/tasting food enough. lol


1. TOP:
  • American Apparel tank top
  • H&M runway inspired floral bustier
  • J Crew hot pink cardigan
2. Gray skinny high waist jeans (bought at American Eagle Outfitters)
3. Chanel two tone pumps
4. Chanel Valentine's coral medium flap
5. Accessory:
  • Target bought floral brooch
  • Designer friend, Elfi's pink and white mother of pearl w/ Swarovski crystals necklace

Guess who I was talking to on the phone? It is Isabel as she is getting new things from Chanel and calling me about which one should she pick. hehe.... I can't wait for her reveal.

I adore the old fashion look of my Chanel pump. :)

We are stepping in summer!!

My friend, Cathy's, boho hip style.

I didn't post my outfit yesterday since I was pretty beat up by couple doc. appointments. But it is a simply chic ensemble and I thought I'd just post the arrangement here. I would say I am pretty happy about every single piece I kept in my wardrobe and especially heels. I would try my best to recycle them for the longest time I could.

James Perse white V-neck shirt, Chris Benz blue distressed cropped shirt and zara Gray high waist and cuffed pants.
Lanvin happy sac and Chanel runway pink camellia sling back heels 08.

25 March, 2009

Match Every Color From Head To Toe of My Ensemble.

Neutral colors are fun this year.

You can either go super bright, bright colored ensemble or you can match every single piece in just one single color on you. I think I am up to that challenge next time.

I am inspired by striped shirts and I just realized that I wore horizontal shirt 3 days in a row. lol


1. TOP:
  • Emporium Armani gray/navy striped cap sleeves top
  • H&M gray bustier
  • Zara gray belted vest/tonic
2. Bottom: 3.1 Phillip lim black skinny pants w/ zipper at ankle
3. 2 sets of pairing:
  • Chanel metallic navy reissue 227 08 pre-fall
  • Orange Boss platform t-strap heels

  • Chanel distressed white reissue 227 09 cruise
  • Louis Vuitton suhali sling back sandals
4. Accessory:
  • Chanel multi-sized pearls w/ rhinestone cc necklace 09 s/s
  • Vintage Coro cameo earrings

Navy, w/o vest

Navy, w/ vest: I like to carry my bag as single chain on one shoulder for a retro look.

White, w/o vest

white, w/ vest

24 March, 2009

Randomly stumbling across a friend!

This week, well, even today is only Tuesday, must be the best week of catching up w/ old and new friends of mine ever!!!

My friend, Cathy and I took kids out for a walk in such a nice sunny day. While we wait at table for a delicious lunch, suddenly I heard someone calling my name so loudly!!!! I can't recall if I felt embarrassing as everyone must look at us!! :P It took me more than a couple sec. to recognize this virtual friend. :) I mean, we talked a lot on line. We know each other through a fashion blog called purseforum but never had the chance to meet. She is very young as she is still in college.

I am so surprised that I meet another new friend IRL. But I guess I was too exited to invite her to sit down w/ us. Well, I know, I don't want kids to ruin her first impression over bad table manners. haha.... But speaking of
fashion, it is ageless!! Yes, our moms passion is fashion too!! haha.....


1. TOP:
  • Zara horizonal boat neck tonic top
  • Miss Sixty washed white jean jacket
2. Bottom: Nicholas Zosea Shimmer techno skirt w/ pockets
3. Black leggings
4. Chanel black caviar mini flap
5. Shoes: Sergio Rossi red heels w/ wide black ankle straps
6. Wool hat

I have been looking for this hat since last year.

The buckles on heels are over arch not exactly on ankles which I love.

I love this hat can add this cool attitude to my outfit.

Kids are the best entertainments to each other!!

Here are my new friends, Wai and her friend. (not sure if I can post her name. haha..)

In Need of A Girls Night Out!!!

My church buddy and I planned a "girls night out" this Sat. Of course, only girls allowed to join, Dads will be in charge of taking care of kids at home. The original plan is to help one of my mommy friends' stress over her constantly focusing on her family, her kids and her DH. She forgot that she needs time to be alone, to replenish herself, to be herself and to just feel how wonderful she is again. For 6 years after their first son, she never even tried ONCE to go out w/ her girl friends. And just by listening to her vent, I feel that she is going to either explode one day or going down to depression. As a friend, me, feel the obligation to help her find herself again. Then, I just realized yesterday that there is another mommy friend in this group who is going to celebrate her 30 something birthday on Sun. so this Girls' Night Out is held right on time!!!!!

Note: Restaurants are having promotions on Santana Row of San Jose as two main courses meal only $24.95 and free tickets to a play of Kite Runner!!

I don't know if there is adrenaline going on under my brain yesterday but I am glad I put it into action. I feel the urge to call my mommy friends, just to check up on them to catch up w/ them.

Me and Irene, had a great, great time in down town Los Altos. She helped me pick up a cool hat in a store called
151 boutique. I love this hat which gives me an attitude. Just like the store owner's mom said, we all want to have some attitude for life even Moms.

1. TOP:
  • Abercrombie&Finch horizontal striped boat neck sweater
  • GAP ruffle front checkered shirt
  • Pierre Balmain blazer (altered as cropped one)
2. Bottom: No brand high waist black shorts
3. Black hosiery; navy nylon belt
4. Chanel black caviar mini flap w/ gold HW
5. Chanel gray Mary jane flat w/ charms

On Irene:
Johnny was white shirt, light/white gray cardigan, skinny jeans, CL metallic pink low heels, pink Celine boogie tote w/ studded trim.

My daughter is stumped as Irene's daughter so vigorously posing there. haha...

You know, this is the moment that you want to have
some time for friends and share things w/ friends.

22 March, 2009

Grocery Shopping Fun w/ kids!!

This afternoon, my son had his first private music class. Well, actually, he and another boy shares the teacher. We thought it would be more fun for kids to learn music w/ others. Meanwhile, the teacher can pay more attention on our sons when there are only two students in a class.

After class dismissed, we went to a grand opened Japanese supermarket. Kids love to pick candies as treats which I save in my purse when needed. As moms, we bring all kinds of snack, drinks, or diapers, wipes, bottles w/ us. But my kids are not that little anymore and I don't like to carry a big diaper bag w/ me at all. Not even when they are little, in fact, I normally bring as little things as possible in my diaper bag and toss it in my car. So I never spend a dime on a fancy diaper bag. hah......I guess I saved money on that!!

My ODJ!!

1. TOP:
  • H&M black jumper
  • D&G brown chiffon top
2. Coat:
  • Chris Benz blue shirt w/ 4 pockets (I wore it in the morning)
  • Jill Stuart green peplum coat (changed as going to the supermarket and don't want to take the risk of staining the pretty coat)
3. Shoes: (I have to dress accordingly w/ my whole outfit)
  • Christian Louboutin Nude simple pump
  • Chanel two tone black/moss green pump
4. While organic beret hat
5. Chanel white distressed reissue in 227 09 cruise collection
6. Sonia Rykiel Swarovski crystals owl brooch made as a necklace

As promised, the close look of Chris Benz shirt/coat.

Bias cut in front!

I love combo. of brown and blue.

My morning look.

I am taking more pic. while waiting for the teacher to come.

My afternoon outfit w/ Chanel pump.

ha ha son is amused by the fly/mosquito killer wand!!

Baby, Mommy Promised!!

Weekends are fun for family regardless you already had a plan or you didn't. What really matters is that the whole family involves in the activities and everyone has fun out of it.

On Saturday, it rained!! So my plan to take kids to Six Flag in Marine World had changed. We still drove all the way to SF city and had a nice lunch there. Me, as a mom, had worked my brain to think about somewhere else to take kids to. Somewhere that kids agreed upon. DH and I think the wind/rain might ruin the fun even we made it to Six Flag so we decided to visit discovery museum in SF city instead. Kids still loved the alternative destination and us, as a parent, kept our promises!!!

Here is my fun outfit for Sat. That red heels is the only wedge I had among all the shoes I have. I am a heel gal but for some reasons, I am very reckless when walking w/ those wedges. I sprained my ankle really bad once on wedges and ever since wedges are my last desire when shopping for heels.

I learned from fashion magazine that the scarfs are fun to use in any way. As a scarf, inevitably, as a head band, as a add-on decor. on hat but I like the idea of working it into a strap for the clutch the most. Oh, I just loved it!!

1. TOP:
  • Zara crew neck horizontal striped shirt
  • Max & Co. denim pleated baby-doll dress
2. Gray-white hosiery
3. Hermes scarf as strap
4. Shoes: No brand red lace wedges
5. Bag: Louis Vuitton Black mini Vernis Runway clutch/wallet
6. Chanel 08 s/s Star brooch
7. Chanel 08 s/s CC onyx dangle earrings

Never would think of using scarf as straps!! How clever whoever comes out the idea!!

I think I am going to save this red cherry wedges to my daughters!!

I can even cross-body carry my clutch...hand-free w/ kids!!

20 March, 2009

How timeless a piece can be when bought at chain stores??

I would say the answer is UP TO YOU!! Oh, yes, here we are talking about clothes in general.

It really is a state of mind when pairing clothes of what you had in the wardrobe and what do you want from the current trend. Right now, I am so wanting a pair of gladiator heels but it seems neither the budget nor the design fit into my category from the current selection. I thought every ensemble I paired would look great w/ a pair of gladiator heels. They effortlessly add edgier look to every outfit. I must not go astray spending on things which is not in my wish list!! hah....... Like my friend,
Isabel, said, I need to focus on searching my dream shoes.

But what's the substitution for a luxury spending?
Answer: Shopping at Chain stores.

Shopping at Kohls, Target designers for less, Zara, H&M ....etc. those chain stores is definitely a bargain. But how often you wear them and how long you would keep those pieces in your wardrobe? Personally I am very selective and I admit very occasionally I'd shop my clothes there. I like fine fabric, fine tailor. And it must have something to do w/ personal taste, budget, personality and most importantly, my age. I am in my early 30s and I am inclined to buy better quality pieces for them last longer. I wish my daughters would appreciate them when they grow up.

I bought a shorts from Zara couple weeks ago and planned to pair it w/ this smoky pink top which I had from Zara last year. I am glad they work well together so I don't have to find a top for the new shorts. I must admit, it must be my sign,
Virgo, since I like to maximize every single piece I had/kept in my wardrobe. I know one day my tiny closet will run out space for new things, but by then, I'd like to keep everything and work everything w/ my new buys.


1. TOP:
  • Zara collection smoky pink side ruffle sleeves top
  • Plastic Island long tuxedo blazer
2. Bottom: Zara moss green pleated, cuff shorts
3. Accessory: Lenora dame beads and embroidery necklace (bought at Anthropologies)
4. Chanel black bow w/ cc dangle earrings 09
5. Chanel Valentine's coral flap 09
6. Shoes: Boss Orange two-tone platform Mary-jean heels

Surprisingly, the tailored long blazer has a slightly bold-shouldered look of this year's big trend. Thanks to a bigger size of this blazer.

This Mary-jean has light color strap (silver/taupe), it won't cut legs short.

The super cute Chanel Valentine's flap is not just cute, it adds feminine color and look to my casual ensemble.

Long blazer always gives a relaxed casual chic look.

19 March, 2009

A darling outfit for a darling day!!

I have couple floral clothes bought separately from different countries. I mixed n' match couple and even made my Kookai skirt wore as a top last week. This spring/summer, you can see floral prints everywhere and I am so happy that I can work new or old of my clothes together. I, in fact, had the whole week ensembles prepared last weekend and hang them all in my tiny closet. Oh, except one ensemble is still missing the bottom that I don't know how to pair them w/.

When I do mix n' match, I work them in my head first. If I were home, I would jump right from my bed, from my chair to dig out those pieces and put them together. I remember there are couple times that I didn't do it right away, I forgot all what was in my mind.

My 3 kids usually have their milk on bed which is prepared by my darling DH every morning. Therefore, they won't be hungry before school snack time. Well, at least, my older son and daughter are not starving by then. Me and my little daughter will hang out in our master bedroom til we both are all finishing get dressed. Then we will have our breakfast together afterward.

Here, would you be interested in asking me: "What is my little daughter doing when I am pairing my clothes every morning?" "Do I spend a lot of time dressing in the morning?"

First, I would answer you, Yes, then No!! Yes, I spend time finding my ensemble to make sure I will look good everyday. And No, I don't think it is wasting of time to assure that I look great in front of my children, my DH and even friends or school teachers and moms. Before then, I do my beauty routine and play w/ her.

But HOW???

I bought couple playing cards, they have tons of educational purposes. Such as color matching, pattern matching and even addition n' subtraction for my older kids'. I would do my make-up or pair my clothes and lay cards w/ my little daughter at the same time. She is learning words and talking at this 19 mo. old age so she likes to point out everything for ME to answer. I think this is a great quality time for both of us. There is no rush, no hurry and no fuss at all when I can make myself look good and feel great to be a mom at the same time!!! We almost spend an hour together in our room. People said, learning is everywhere and at anytime.

That needs practice. I mean playing w/ little kids, doing make-up and get dressed in the morning. haha......See, this is something I learned w/ having 3 little kids. Therefore, I think there is no reason that moms cannot find a time for herself to dress up EVERYDAY!!


1. TOP:
  • American Apparel baby pink jumper w/ halter strap
  • Companagia Italina floral print sheer top
  • Floral print triangle scarf from Target
2. Bottom: Wilfred silk w/ zipper tiered floral mini skirt
3. Chanel Valentine w/ charms flap
4. Chanel 09 pink camellia banquet w/ pearl drop earrings
5. Shoes: Coach
hot pink ribbon bow suede mule

I have that AA clothes wore underneath as a security pants.

This is scarf used as a belt.

Aren't those prints lovely!!

The halter strap can peep out from my floral top and neck.

I love the feminine coral pink of this Chanel Valentine's flap.

This morning, I took my little girl for an allergy test as she scratches her face all the time. My DH and I have no clue of what triggers the reaction. We eliminate all fish, shell fish or any sea food but it seems something else cause the allergy.

Poor little one w/ that redness under her eyes.

18 March, 2009

Layering Two dresses!!

Today is such a nice sunny day and so warm again. I almost want to store away all of our sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and replace them w/ light, silky new sheeting. But each room in my house has at least 3 to 4 pillows and euro sham plus fitted sheet, blankets, and duvet covers, it might take me couple days to do it. Thanks to my son, he peed two nights consecutively so I had changed his sheeting set to summer theme already. His favorite choo-choo train theme.

You know, whenever you browse through any bedding catalog, they always make the bedding so fluffy, so many layers of sheets and so many lovely decorative pillows. They sure know how to do business through commercials, they tell you the bed only look welcoming when you have so many sheets on. The cotton or silk, the thread count, the name for different patterns, and even the colors of sheet should be taken into account when buying. Most important of all, it has to match the decoration/theme w/ your room. Well, it is not so bad, at least we are the ONES who sleep on the bed. The money is total worth it.

Continuing on layering two dresses since yesterday. I am quite happy w/ my new inspiration from browsing the magazine the other day. I saw a lady who layered two dresses or shirt dress together and it turns out a very lovely look on her. So here is what I had on today.


1. TOP:
  • Jean Paul Cauliter toile print halter dress
  • Taiwanese designer deep green silky shirt dress
  • Theory gold/white/silver tone shrug
  • Ellen Tracy brown belt w/ gold buckle
2. Chanel two tone pump
3. Chanel Large Rodeo Drive in black 08 s/s

I didn't mean to wear Chanel two tone pump w/ today's outfit. But after trying out couple pair of heels, I surprisingly found out they actually quite go w/ my ensemble. I had an inspiration from a
tpf ( friend who told me to wear deconstructive outfit w/ this new Chanel two tone pump to break up its too classic, or too uptight conservative look. I have something in my mind instead but am not ready for it yet. I guess when something is CLASSIC, it really is timeless. The look is unbeatable!!!

This is a conservative look of me w/ that pair of new Chanel pump.

I shall come out a casual chic look for this Chanel pump next week.

Do you think it goes well w/ my ensemble today?

This pair of Orange Boss two tone mary jane heels is kinda of what I had in mind for this outfit at the first place. The silver/taupe tone matches my shrug.


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