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17 March, 2009

Debut of My Chanel Large Pearl Necklace.

I bought this Chanel necklace couple weeks ago and have not came out a perfect way of wearing it.

Yes, of course, I want to max out the ways to show it off not just wear it as a plain necklace. The intricate design of Chanel costume jewelry is something that would take your breath away. I never buy their costume jewelry for the quality since it sucks sometimes. For instance, the pearls will fell, and the stone might be missing if you drop it off on the ground even just once!!! But that's just how all the costume jewelry be hand-made for-Delicacy!! And everyone must know to be gentle when handling them.


My trick is to layer two dresses or two tonics or even two tops for a fresh look!!!

1. TOP:
  • Diesel purple dress w/ bell sleeves
  • Zara blazer collar sleeves top w/ bow
2. Light gray hosiery
3. Shoes: Orange Boss olive green pull-on ruched boots w/ tie
4. Bag: Lanvin happy sac in leopard
5. Chanel 08 s/s heart shape earrings w/ clear crystals and cc logo
6. Chanel 09 s/s multiple sized pearl, large CC w/ rhinestone crystal necklace

I love how this necklace have conspicuous sizes of pearls which make a perfect drama on my cannot-be-busier top!! But it still blend in so well w/ my ensemble.

I especially like to wear it side way to show it as a chain on me.

This morning I walk two daughters to the school next door to register my son for kindergarten......and I sweat!!! As I think I burn more calories. haha...

I know, the school staff must be wondering what the heck is this woman doing w/ this ensemble while dragging the wagon!!! haha..`

My older daughter is sick so she stays home w/ us.


isabel said...

Rachel - I love your new hair-do!! I used to have wavy hair before I was pregnant with my second, and after I gave birth, I was shedding like crazy so I didn't get another perm. Your chanel pearl necklace is very you - trendy and yet timeless. I love your grey blazer/vest too. Good job! ( I posted this comment on your yesterday's post.... I meant it for this post, oops!)

litlstrawberry said...

hah...Isabel: that's fine. Oh...I was wondering how come I got your text saying you are leaving at noon?? So you are just heading off to Vegas? I thought you are gone last weekend? I am confused w/your plane. oh...well...hah..

Yes, I think my hair is shedding even now and i have lots of white underneath ....we really need to take some supplements haha... Thanks, sis. for your sweet compliments.

Betsy said...

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before but I really adore your Lanvin Happy Sac. I really wanted one of Lanvin's bag with the pony hair but I had to choose between buying Chanel or Lanvin. So in the end, I opted for buying a pair of pony-hair Lanvin flats at the Kirna Zabete sale over the holidays. The print is just so fun and sexy. You carry it off so well, pairing it with your Chanel necklace and today's ensemble.

I like your new hairdo too! I got a perm after my 2nd one (after not perming for 15 years) and I really loved it. However, I had to cut it recently because it was just getting too ugly. Frankly, I have yet to find a hair stylist here in the Bay Area that I trust. Believe it or not, I try to wait to go back to Taiwan to do anything to my hair b/c I really love my hair stylist back in Taipei.

Anyway, back to topic... kinda. Your two girls are so cute hanging out with mommy.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy: thanks. As tonight after shower, I feel I can manage my hair better as it has been a year since my last perm. You know what, you are not alone w/ perming hair. All my friends do that but me. My hair is adapted the weather and everything so well my stylist says my perm stays so long (for a year). Now I am ok to do my hair here or back in Taipei.

You know what, as i mentioned in tpf, my friend, Ann got her Lanvin sac for only $700. (Nord. in SCP and Barney's has sale around Jan.) Well, I am not upset as i got extra $ from my Chanel SA since he told me the GC event before SAKs decided to exclude Chanel. I guess that's kind of balancing my-would-have-been bad mood. haha...

Ok, so you just have to be careful when wearing your pony hair flat. Make sure you don't drive wearing them as you will oscillate the pony hair....

isabel said...

Rachel - I left you a text yesterday saying I have received you check.... Maybe you got me confused with someone?

litlstrawberry said...

haha, Isabel: it is impossible....since you are the only one recently text me. hehe..

Oh, great.

Wai Thit said...

R! I really like the outfit.. Did u cut your hair too? I think i like it better with curly and shorter hair! you really push your daughters? u are a super mom!! Have so much to learn from you...

litlstrawberry said...

haha...Wai: nice to have you here.

Thanks. I did have a little hair trimmed and it shortened after perm.

I PULL the wagon ....definitely not PUSH...I would sweat profusely before I arrived the school. hah..and it is literally when I said my son's kindergarten is just NEXT DOOR.

Enjoy your two people world as much as you can before you two decide to have kids. (but not too old...haha)


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