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31 March, 2009

Classic = Timeless; Timeless ≠ Classic!!!!

Today, I am feeling great about my body. Yes, the soreness came from Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba.

I am glad that the teacher offers Mon. Wed. and Fri. for Pilates which gives me plenty of time to rest and regain my strength. I know the muscles take time to be built and to be shaped and rest in between will make the muscles toned up prettier. I want to have lean and toned muscles instead of big, chunky ones.

I didn't work out today, so finally I had the time to take pic. for myself. I found myself love this pair of Chanel pumps a lot and it goes practically w/ everything. Now I love the fact that Classic looks have long lasting significance which is truly a timeless look too.

We are leaving for LA. tomorrow and I will make sure I bring alone all of our swimming suits. :)


1. TOP:
  • Arbocrombie & Finch beign camel t shirt
  • Mcginn cropped blazer
2. Bottom: Zara high waisted cropped pants w/ cuffs
3. Chanel two tone pump
4. Chanel cavair mini flap in silver HW
5. Wool hat w/ bow
6. Two strings of black beads necklaces

We can look very stylish even w/ those simplest pieces.

I could also use a scarf around my neck instead of necklace!

I tried to have my hat w/ my sunglasses on but they look funny together. haha..

Never have enough hats!!


Wai Thit said...

soo i am guessing the yoga, pilate and the work out is your new routine and why we dont see u on tpf? I like the jacket a lot!! and u always look great in crop pants! i wish i have your legs!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Cutie: haha...yes, they are part of my new routines but I need to adjust my energy flow..... My body needs adjustment from new activities so I will still have energy left to be in both my blog and tpf. And as you know, we are leaving to LA tomorrow evening and girls get-away to Vegas on 4/11. I probably won't be on tpf very often these two weeks then.

But you know what, I am addicted to Pilates and it is amazing to work on human bodies. haha...YOu just have to try it to know it. :)

Betsy said...

Rachel -- Sounds like you are really getting into Pilates! I hope you get to do some "homework" on your own whe you have two fabulous trips coming up. The hat is super cute on you and adds a nice touch to the outfit.

Purse Addict said...

Sucha great outfit, especially the hat!!

ПРІ® said...

I love your mini bag!!! Could you tell me the measures, please? Of the strap to especially be able to use it crossed. Thanks

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, NPI:

The dimension of mini is approx. 6 1/2 X 5 X 2 inches. The chain drop from the connecting hole on mini to the top of hanging trangle point is 21 inches. (total chain might be 43 inches)
If you cross-body carry it, the mini will sit on the hip bone if the upper body and lower body proportion is 3:7 in general. The chain on mini flap tends to be shorter but I found that normal body figure won't be bothered by where it sits. Unless round belly or upper body is longer then it won't flatter when carry crossed.


ПРІ® said...

Thanks. You are very nice! I love your sunglasses too… Wich designer are?

litlstrawberry said...

hah..Thanks, NPI, I like your sunglasses too...what's the brand??

Mine is Tom Ford Jaquelin black w/ tinted orange lens.

ПРІ® said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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