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19 March, 2009

A darling outfit for a darling day!!

I have couple floral clothes bought separately from different countries. I mixed n' match couple and even made my Kookai skirt wore as a top last week. This spring/summer, you can see floral prints everywhere and I am so happy that I can work new or old of my clothes together. I, in fact, had the whole week ensembles prepared last weekend and hang them all in my tiny closet. Oh, except one ensemble is still missing the bottom that I don't know how to pair them w/.

When I do mix n' match, I work them in my head first. If I were home, I would jump right from my bed, from my chair to dig out those pieces and put them together. I remember there are couple times that I didn't do it right away, I forgot all what was in my mind.

My 3 kids usually have their milk on bed which is prepared by my darling DH every morning. Therefore, they won't be hungry before school snack time. Well, at least, my older son and daughter are not starving by then. Me and my little daughter will hang out in our master bedroom til we both are all finishing get dressed. Then we will have our breakfast together afterward.

Here, would you be interested in asking me: "What is my little daughter doing when I am pairing my clothes every morning?" "Do I spend a lot of time dressing in the morning?"

First, I would answer you, Yes, then No!! Yes, I spend time finding my ensemble to make sure I will look good everyday. And No, I don't think it is wasting of time to assure that I look great in front of my children, my DH and even friends or school teachers and moms. Before then, I do my beauty routine and play w/ her.

But HOW???

I bought couple playing cards, they have tons of educational purposes. Such as color matching, pattern matching and even addition n' subtraction for my older kids'. I would do my make-up or pair my clothes and lay cards w/ my little daughter at the same time. She is learning words and talking at this 19 mo. old age so she likes to point out everything for ME to answer. I think this is a great quality time for both of us. There is no rush, no hurry and no fuss at all when I can make myself look good and feel great to be a mom at the same time!!! We almost spend an hour together in our room. People said, learning is everywhere and at anytime.

That needs practice. I mean playing w/ little kids, doing make-up and get dressed in the morning. haha......See, this is something I learned w/ having 3 little kids. Therefore, I think there is no reason that moms cannot find a time for herself to dress up EVERYDAY!!


1. TOP:
  • American Apparel baby pink jumper w/ halter strap
  • Companagia Italina floral print sheer top
  • Floral print triangle scarf from Target
2. Bottom: Wilfred silk w/ zipper tiered floral mini skirt
3. Chanel Valentine w/ charms flap
4. Chanel 09 pink camellia banquet w/ pearl drop earrings
5. Shoes: Coach
hot pink ribbon bow suede mule

I have that AA clothes wore underneath as a security pants.

This is scarf used as a belt.

Aren't those prints lovely!!

The halter strap can peep out from my floral top and neck.

I love the feminine coral pink of this Chanel Valentine's flap.

This morning, I took my little girl for an allergy test as she scratches her face all the time. My DH and I have no clue of what triggers the reaction. We eliminate all fish, shell fish or any sea food but it seems something else cause the allergy.

Poor little one w/ that redness under her eyes.


milkshake214 said...

This is a sexy outfit with the sheer top and length of skirt. However, the floral print and pink tones make it feminine and sweet. It also shows off your great legs!
It's great that you can make the time fun for your daughter too. I'm sure she enjoys watching mommy getting dressed too!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Nancy: How is your day? Is it hot in LA as in SF these days? We want to take kids to Six flag this weekend but it might rain .....then it would ruin the fun of it. But we will see. know my DH's first reaction is...take off the skirt!! Oh, then I repeat w/ him, take off???/!!1 what he really meant is change it w/ something else. haha....well, I told him that I have pants inside so it is totally safe. Anyway, I am catching the tail of wearing mini then I probably will pass it to my daughters. haha....

isabel said...

Rachel - You look very sexy in a feminine way in this ensemble! The more I look at the valentine flap, the more I like it! So do you like carrying smaller bag now? Do you have to bring another bag to put your kids stuffs in when you go out with them?

Wai Thit said...

R! you look very sexy and feminine! I love the lace top! it looks very sexy yet elegant! and those legs.. wow they are like miles long!! your little one is so lucky she gets to play with mommy and i am sure she is learning not only about whats on the card but also how to look good and put pieces together just like her pretty mommy!! Doesnt your heart beat everytime u see the charms? lol.. mine does

litlstrawberry said...

who are you kidding? We moms always have extra DIAPER bag...unless you carry something like my rodeo drive all the time. hahha.....

Well, as i don't have to bring bottle w/ me now but i still need to have wipes and 1 or 2 diapers for my little one. (I am training her potty this summer. ) W/ this valentine, of course I have to keep a small paper bag in the car so I can throw in my change wallet and card holder. but I guess once a while when I use small flap is no fuss either.

For that Valentine's flap, I can put in my lambskin wallet, burt's bee spray (for kids to sanitize their hands), couple lip gloss, my keys, candy...that's about it.

litlstrawberry said...

hey,Cutie: you know, I have a group of moms from the church. couple of them doesn't care brand name but they LEARN from me. haha...Our cell leader pat my white reissue and Valentine's flap and told me that those two are her favorite bags from mine. haha..and she adores the charms on the Valentine's flap as I play w/ them and arrange the sides of each charms whenever I saw them. I always have couple bags hanging on the kitchen counter so my friends would see them when they visit me. haha.........

Yes, I really thank you to carry it around in the TPF so finally it hits me to buy it. haha....oh, how cute that color coral bubble gum. oh, I don't know if I like that color on Balenciaga though. it suppose to be a puffy look ..but Bal bags are famous for distressed look. well...personal preference again. hehe..


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