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27 March, 2009

Fun at Farmer's Market! !!

I used to go to farmer's market a lot w/ my two elder kids but ever since I had the 3rd, I stopped going. Besides, I live so close to Whole Foods Markets, Safeway, and all the Asia supermarkets, what's the point of doing my grocery shopping under the big sun and risking myself of aging w/ all the freckles. haha...

But today, since friend's calling, I guess I could use the time to hang out and introduce the old fashion way of popping popcorn to my little daughter. She likes it and if I remember it correctly, it is the first time she ever tastes popcorn. lol

I only bought a bag of organic baby spinach. I usually saute them together w/ minced beef, garlic, then dash w/ soy sauce and my
kids love it. Well, sometimes I would be tired of cooking new dishes for my kids then I know it is time to dine out to get new inspiration. It is good for moms to stay away from the kitchen once a while and great for family to try new things too.

Yes, taste bud can be trained!!! If you ever hated one type of food, that means you are not trying/eating/tasting food enough. lol


1. TOP:
  • American Apparel tank top
  • H&M runway inspired floral bustier
  • J Crew hot pink cardigan
2. Gray skinny high waist jeans (bought at American Eagle Outfitters)
3. Chanel two tone pumps
4. Chanel Valentine's coral medium flap
5. Accessory:
  • Target bought floral brooch
  • Designer friend, Elfi's pink and white mother of pearl w/ Swarovski crystals necklace

Guess who I was talking to on the phone? It is Isabel as she is getting new things from Chanel and calling me about which one should she pick. hehe.... I can't wait for her reveal.

I adore the old fashion look of my Chanel pump. :)

We are stepping in summer!!

My friend, Cathy's, boho hip style.

I didn't post my outfit yesterday since I was pretty beat up by couple doc. appointments. But it is a simply chic ensemble and I thought I'd just post the arrangement here. I would say I am pretty happy about every single piece I kept in my wardrobe and especially heels. I would try my best to recycle them for the longest time I could.

James Perse white V-neck shirt, Chris Benz blue distressed cropped shirt and zara Gray high waist and cuffed pants.
Lanvin happy sac and Chanel runway pink camellia sling back heels 08.


Wai Thit said...

R! I love farmers market! Did i tell you before, i used to go there everyweek just for the fun or it and to eat the food there.. lol! But you did bring a new definition and style to it! you look gorgeous! The outfit is just soo cute yet stylish~ i am loving the flowers, the color and the everything~ and the works really well as well!! hope u had fun and your little one enjoyed her first experience there

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, wai.

yes, fresh fruits from farmer's market, nothing beats that. haha..

Hope you have a fun weekend. We are going to LA next Wed. night by driving and spend the whole weekend there after DH's meeting w/ clients.

Then we are going to Vegas on 4/12 (girls w/ kids).

I am very excited.

milkshake214 said...

Rachel, I wanted to comment earlier, but didn't get a chance because we took the kids and my mom to Palm Springs for mineral hot springs. There was no internet connection and it made me wonder how I lived before computers and the internet....
Anyway, you look very soft and feminine. The bustier adds a bit of sexiness too. DH would never let me wear a bustier but I like the idea of layering a tee underneath... maybe he will change his mind!

Betsy said...

Another fabulously casual yet chic outfit from you! The coral Valentine flap is really a great buy to carry through the warmer seasons. I have to say you've really made the most out if it so far. It's funny that Isabel calls you now to get your opinion on her next Chanel purchase. Isn't tPF such a wonderful place to meet friends like these? I can't wait to see her reveal when she gets back from Vegas.

I'm guessing you're out of town right now so I'll definitely be looking forward to your postings once you get back.

litlstrawberry said...

haha..girls, thanks. Nop, I am still in town but I signed up community gym/center on Fri. and worked out, did yoga dance so I am really really exhausted w/ muscle soreness. (Guess it has been a while since my last intensive exercise. haha...) I had a girls' night out on Sat. I have no energy left to post anything. This kind of "tired" is great (worked out and had fun w/ friends) but I don't think I can keep doing it next weekend. Now I need new routine to divide the time for work-out, blogging, and spending time w/ kids.

hah...So, hope you moms and girls keep up the speed of life as I do always.

Nancy: it is a great news from you---get away w/ kids and your mom. Hope you got a luxury message!!!!! hah...

Betsy: oh, In fact, Isabel just asked if I were her, would I just get back the original bag or get a new Chanel? I told her, I like NEW stuff, especially the old one is somewhat ruined.... Wouldn't you do the same thing if you were Isabel?


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