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24 March, 2009

In Need of A Girls Night Out!!!

My church buddy and I planned a "girls night out" this Sat. Of course, only girls allowed to join, Dads will be in charge of taking care of kids at home. The original plan is to help one of my mommy friends' stress over her constantly focusing on her family, her kids and her DH. She forgot that she needs time to be alone, to replenish herself, to be herself and to just feel how wonderful she is again. For 6 years after their first son, she never even tried ONCE to go out w/ her girl friends. And just by listening to her vent, I feel that she is going to either explode one day or going down to depression. As a friend, me, feel the obligation to help her find herself again. Then, I just realized yesterday that there is another mommy friend in this group who is going to celebrate her 30 something birthday on Sun. so this Girls' Night Out is held right on time!!!!!

Note: Restaurants are having promotions on Santana Row of San Jose as two main courses meal only $24.95 and free tickets to a play of Kite Runner!!

I don't know if there is adrenaline going on under my brain yesterday but I am glad I put it into action. I feel the urge to call my mommy friends, just to check up on them to catch up w/ them.

Me and Irene, had a great, great time in down town Los Altos. She helped me pick up a cool hat in a store called
151 boutique. I love this hat which gives me an attitude. Just like the store owner's mom said, we all want to have some attitude for life even Moms.

1. TOP:
  • Abercrombie&Finch horizontal striped boat neck sweater
  • GAP ruffle front checkered shirt
  • Pierre Balmain blazer (altered as cropped one)
2. Bottom: No brand high waist black shorts
3. Black hosiery; navy nylon belt
4. Chanel black caviar mini flap w/ gold HW
5. Chanel gray Mary jane flat w/ charms

On Irene:
Johnny was white shirt, light/white gray cardigan, skinny jeans, CL metallic pink low heels, pink Celine boogie tote w/ studded trim.

My daughter is stumped as Irene's daughter so vigorously posing there. haha...

You know, this is the moment that you want to have
some time for friends and share things w/ friends.

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It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Those picture frames are beautiful!. Thanks for sharing memories. I really liked your blog.

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