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09 March, 2009

New Bags, New Mood! Get ready for Spring!!

So I bought two new bags and both of them are small. My friend said that my preference for bags became smaller and smaller. I guess she is right!! After a long, cold winter, I am ready to set my mood for spring/summer.

This is what I wore on Sun. I played w/ my skirt which I bought before I had my first son. After almost 5 yr. I think the trend just brought back my love for this skirt; asymmetrical, ruffles, floral knee length skirt. I even tried it as a top and I think it works wonderful.

1. TOP:
  • D&G pink sleeveless shirt
  • Catalina blossom flower top
  • Kookai skirt (I wore it as my top too)
2. Bottom: nude bubble shorts
3. Chanel Valentine's medium flap in coral pink
4. Chanel 09 camellia banquet w/ peal drop earrings
5. Shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat buckle sandal
6. Camel suede belt

I use an abstract patterned shirt as a belt.

The skirt is perfect for this spring and my new Chanel coral red bag.

I had a nude bubble shorts on just in case you are wondering if my TOP/SKIRT is too short!! haha


isabel said...

Rachel - You are ready for spring! Is it hot up north? Because it's pretty cold here today. You do a fantastic job mixing prints, I am still trying to master that. Oh, for the jelly sandals, I found a pair that's ivory with black flower, but my SA is locating the black with ivory flower for me... Which combo do you like better? I thought the ivory with black flower is more striking, but I am afraid they would be yucky-looking after wearing them outside.

Betsy said...

Rachel -- You are so ready for spring! I agree with Izy that you do a wonderful job mixing prints and textures.

Izy -- I think the ivory flower on black is more versatile than the other combo, IMHO. It might last you longer than the black flower on ivory.

litlstrawberry said...

Isabel: I think that's the problem w/ Ivory w/ black camellia. Some Tpfer talked about that before.

If your feet sweat a lot...I think you should get black w/ ivory camellia. I am thinking light pink or orange...they are for summer and I don't think I would wear them in the winter. As for summer, all the clothes are light, pastel color........oh, well, I am just so in a mood for s/s as I bought that coral flap. haha..

Purse Addict said...

Awwww...the last picture with your son is adorable!!


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