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05 March, 2009

Take Runway into Real way!!

This is Lanvin's spring/summer runway look.

I love all the clean cut of their tops and cute yet elegant drape skirt. That's the trend for this spring/summer and you pretty much can buy similar style from every brand. When something is a trend, every designer or non-designer apparel must have a collection of it. Yes, they need to make money, and they need to sell!!!!

I think it is time for me to find a drape skirt too!!!

Love the drape on the skirt!!

(Pic. credited to Mode magazine)

I had similar necklace made w/ beads and rose embroidery!! I found it is so versatile that it goes perfectly w/ some of my tops w/o being overwhelmed or compete w/ my ensemble. I love it!! Yes, style for less!!

1. TOP:
  • Valentino RED white cotton top w/ asymmetrical lace at hem
  • Max&Co. gray shirt w/ ruched deco. in front
  • Burberry baby blue trench coat
2. Bottom: Vera Wang lavender label layered pleats skirt
3. White/ivory patterned hosiery
4. Shoes: Hugo Boss Orange Boss Olive suede ruched platform boots
5. Chanel Gary Classic Jumbo 08 f/w
6. Chanel silver heart w/ clear crystals, cc logo earrings 08 s/s
7. Accessory: Gray purplish beads w/ embroidered rose necklace (bought at Anthropologies)

I love the necklace against the ruched deco. of gray top !!

I don't have too dramatic clothes so it is easy to mix-n-match everything together!!

If I want a drama look, I will find one specifically for the occasion!!

W/ coat!


milkshake214 said...

I love to read your blog and watch you put together different outfits. Your layering skills is something I must learn! And I admire your use of color...I love the neutral/pastel tones of this ensemble! Last but not least the grey jumbo is just yummy!

litlstrawberry said...

haha...I love your name, milkshake. You know, someone must like something or at least something that was LOVED by someone you like/love to be picked up as a nickname.

Thank you, dear. Once a while I would go back to neutral tones on my ensemble after couple days of heavy colors. Layering is fun and you will never know it would work until you try it and vice versa,....some pieces just don't work together. haha.....

isabel said...

Rachel - Love this outfit!! You know I am a big fan of grey.... Oh, the Lanvin draping skirt you posted, I saw a similar one in H&M - although I like it a lot, it's shorter than I am used to, but you should be able to pull it off...

milkshake214 said...

So the story behind it is... My real name is Nancy. When I was still in college, my friends started calling me milkshake (in chinese) because they thought it sounds like Nancy in chinese. It's been years but it stuck. haha.

I will definitely continue to visit your blog (and of course the chanel mommy thread) to learn more from you! You probably are the most stylish mommy I know. Keep it coming =)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel:
How are you doing w/ your Birkin? Here is non-stop raining so I can't really carry my white reissue out...she is too delicate to get wet. :)

I have not visited H&M for quite some are usually tired from school and they just want to go home. I don't get to shop at store..... I think I will pick up my earrings from SF tomorrow...if it doesn't rain too hard. Then, I might be able to check out that drape skirt!!!

litlstrawberry said...

hah....Nancy: come to think about does sound like milkshake in Chinese. haha.. Your friends are very sweet and cute.

Yes, being a stylish mom is something that every MOM can be and should be!!! :)

Betsy said...

Your baby blue trench is so yummmy! You've inspired me to wear more skirts these days. Great post!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Betsy. I am glad you get to dig into your closet more. :0)


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