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09 March, 2009

Mommies fun time!!

It has been a while for we moms to go out for a lady's night out. One of my close mommy friends is pregnant and I guess it will be a while for us 4 to go out for a drink. Therefore, I called out my mommy friends and had a lunch date w/ them.

Most of my mommy friends all have their distinctive styles.
I am constantly amazed how deft they are to put each piece together and look perfect on their body.

I love that white star fish vintage earrings so much....I think it must be because spring is around the corner.

w/ cardigan.


1. TOP:
  • Max & Co. Jean baby-doll dress w/ dropped shoulder
  • Max & Co. beige pink leather belt w/ flower deco.
  • MNG light gray/beige cardigan
2. Baby blue hosiery
3. Shoes: Custom National oxford distressed navy heels
4. Chanel black caviar w/ silver hardware Mini flap
5. Coro Vintage star fish earrings

3 of us met at Pei's house (my mommy friend) this morning. You know, kids love to hang out at friend's place cause' they can play different toys which they don't have at home.

I love how welcoming is Pei's house.


Pei share w/ us her Light Pink Chanel medium classic flap.


Irene is the demure one among us 4 and she insists no close-up on her face.

I love Irene's pastel pink hosiery.

We had lunch at The "Village" at Santana Row. I think we should do this more often.


Betsy said...

Rachel -- This outfit is less complicated than what you usually wear, but it's amazing how you can be classy but edgy too. You're channeling the Manhattan Upper Eastside look and I'm definitely enjoying it too.

Betsy said...

Your friends Pei and Irene are also stylish fashionistas themselves. Their outfits are always so fun to admire too.

litlstrawberry said...

haha....Betsy, thanks. You are always so sweet. I will tell my friends about your kind compliment.

OH....Sara left message and she thinks Sun. afternoon doesn't really work for her...she wants to spend time w/ family now. Oh...well, I need to call her tomorrow about this too.

isabel said...

Rachel - This outfit has all my favorite colors.... I wasn't sure if it was coincidence, all you girls have coordinating colors on... I love how Irene and Pei used pink against grey. Very nice! You looked like you had a good time. If I move up there, can I hang out with you girls too? Oh, and Betsy too!


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