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17 March, 2009

New designer: Chris Benz!

I was trying to mix old clothes w/ new buys from the start of this year 2009. In order to give an old ensemble an updated look I utilize some accessories. And I believe women should have quite collection of jewelry/accessories when we are getting older.

However, I don't feel like wearing lots of accessories all the time since kids are around most of the time. Besides, there are house chores to do and it really is not practical for moms to wear their necklace, bracelet, rings, or even watches sometimes. So I still need to buy new clothes, everyone agree??!! haha.......

I found this blue silk jacket and fall in love w/ it at first sight. Well, I am a sucker of all shades of blue and I found myself love SILK in particular. I know, silk are high maintenance but I just cannot help it.

The designer, Chris Benz, is from Seattle, USA. Nordstrome includes his collection for 3 years already. My SA told me that he is a very prominent designer and they might mark up the price of his collection in the future. Well, I was kinda shocked as I replied my SA: In this bad economy? As recession is nearly down to the bottom , maybe?

I guess just like John Galliano said, economic is down doesn't mean their creativity of fashion should be dull/down w/ it. Their creativity make dreams come true. They keep up their quality, passion to make clothes. Thus, the price for high fashion, jewelry will still be WAY UP THERE!!!


1. TOP:
  • H&M charcoal gray body-suit
  • St. John Contour rusty pink taro blouse
  • Chris Benz blue silk coat/shirt w/ unfinished seam look
2. Bottom: BCBG mix colored tweed asymetrical skirt
3. Shoes: Manolo Blanhink brown strap buckle heels
4. Chanel 09 camellia banquet earring w/ pearl drop
5. Bag: Marc Jacobs 08 MIKA color-block exclusive tote in taupe

I mix the elegant pearl earring w/ a chic updated shirt/coat for today's ensemble!!

Can you see the fussy threads along the edges?.....tres chic!!!

Pardon my new hair will look normal after couple times washes. haha....

I should take a close-up for this top after I had another ensemble of it in the future.


Michelle said...

Wow R!! Haven't visited your blog for a long time!! Love your latest ODJ here! Hey....u know what? I got a similar jacket in burgundy/wine red color and I was planning to match it with very sharp/strong long floral print shirt and pants instead! You did a great job here with the fabric matching - soft silk + chiffon & tweed skirt! Love it! BTW, do you have a close-up picture of your dusty pink top? Looks interesting.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Michelle.

haha, you know, back tpf, that's why i said you still look pretty in every of your ensemble. You are a very pretty girl but not everyone would mix-n'-match everything and still look perfectly balanced w/ each piece.

I will find a time to take pic. of that st. john top. It is not chiffon... I don't think. It might be just polyester or cotton blend.

isabel said...

Rachel - I love your new hair-do!! I used to have wavy hair before I was pregnant with my second, and after I gave birth, I was shedding like crazy so I didn't get another perm. Your chanel pearl necklace is very you - trendy and yet timeless. I love your grey blazer/vest too. Good job!


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