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25 March, 2009

Match Every Color From Head To Toe of My Ensemble.

Neutral colors are fun this year.

You can either go super bright, bright colored ensemble or you can match every single piece in just one single color on you. I think I am up to that challenge next time.

I am inspired by striped shirts and I just realized that I wore horizontal shirt 3 days in a row. lol


1. TOP:
  • Emporium Armani gray/navy striped cap sleeves top
  • H&M gray bustier
  • Zara gray belted vest/tonic
2. Bottom: 3.1 Phillip lim black skinny pants w/ zipper at ankle
3. 2 sets of pairing:
  • Chanel metallic navy reissue 227 08 pre-fall
  • Orange Boss platform t-strap heels

  • Chanel distressed white reissue 227 09 cruise
  • Louis Vuitton suhali sling back sandals
4. Accessory:
  • Chanel multi-sized pearls w/ rhinestone cc necklace 09 s/s
  • Vintage Coro cameo earrings

Navy, w/o vest

Navy, w/ vest: I like to carry my bag as single chain on one shoulder for a retro look.

White, w/o vest

white, w/ vest


Wai Thit said...

R! i really like this outfit! i like how everything looks soo matchy matchy~ btw i have the same grey veste from zara too!! lol!! I think i am going to go find your shoes at the candy store today at Santana Row~ if u have time give me a hola or text me and it will be fun to see you again!!

milkshake214 said...

Rachel~ I like the first combo better... maybe because I'm partial to the t-strap shoes. You are thin so you look great in stripes. How is hotel searching coming along?

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Wai: I am so sorry as my DH flew down to LA for business trip and I am all alone till now 10 PM. He just got back and we put kids to bed.

I am very sick (it must be yesterday I wore sleeveless shirt.....haha...) I have stuffed nose,(can't breath, I found I have to breath through. mouth). This morning after dropped kids to school, I drop my little one to Cathy's place as I have 11 AM chemical shots for my left leg. The veins are still there and those shots suppose to suppress the veins. Then this afternoon at 5 PM my little one has doc. appointment for her allergy. She didn't sleep well yesterday as the itchiness bothers her.

SO, I am pretty beat up and I only sat on the sofa to watch TV this whole afternoon.

Wai, so did you get the red heels??? It is very very sexy everyone would stare at your leg/heels. haha..

Hi, Nancy: thanks. you know what, I once posted an article/link talked about how horizontal striped thin out body as a delusion. That's a common myth that people think horizontal stripes make people look fat but it is opposite. vertical stripes will make people look big not horizontal ones. haha...

Oh, I think I am going to do that this weekend. :)

Wai Thit said...

I am so sorry you are sick! u must be too busy.. thats probably why.. u know DF came back from HK today and he said his nose is blocked too and he is breathing with his mouth as well. How's your leg? is it better? i really give it up to you for being able to do everything...

Soo yes.. i got the shoes!! Soo i went to the store and i was like i want this shoes, that's patent red and have a belt and my friend got one the other day and her other friend also got it. And the girl was like, is your friend someone tall with a little kid and i was like yes!! and she show me the shoes right away and it was the last pair left and its 39..i am usually 38 but i tried it on and it fit! gosh it was like.. the shoes was meant to be! lol~ so yes i got them and i wore them right away and i got a lot of compliment from really random people on santana row and i told them, my friend was the one who pick them out and they said, your friend has a very stylish eye!! and that's you R~ hope u are feeling better~

litlstrawberry said...

haha...Cutie wai: I am glad you got the last pair and like it and it fits too.

Yes, so whenever you wore that heels, people will look at your shoes and legs THEN you. haha... Ok. I think I am going to bed.


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