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01 March, 2009

Kids are thrilled to go out w/ their friends.

Before we went to watch 3D movie of A bugs life, kids played 3 sets of puzzles. They are so happy that they finished it. This is the time I can totally forget about doing house chores, making lunch/ dinner.

For me, I am relaxing myself w/ them too.

1. TOP:
  • Luxury apparel cobalt tank top
  • Esprit cropped turtleneck sweater
2. Bottom: Moschino cheap n' chic Herringbone brown cropped pants
3. Boots: Moschino cheap n' chic teal oil w/ ruffle trim pull-on boots
4. Chanel Rodeo Drive L tote in perforated lambskin

Me and Irene!! Our kids are best friends now as they hang out quite often!
I guess I can say they grow up together.

Strong colors will pop out a person's style along w/ the personality!


Betsy said...

Rachel -- You are a wonderful example of a fantastic mom juggling it all with style. You manage to take good care of yourself, go out with friends, and make sure that your kids are getting to do educational activities too. They look like they had a blast! I hope the crowd has died down a bit and that you didn't have to fight hoards of people at the Academy of Science.

Rodeo XL really is a versatile bag and i love how it can be worn messenger style.

Did you check out the Chanel mommy and see Izy's recent goodie? It's gorgeous!!!!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Betsy..

thanks, sweeties.

Kids are still our center of life.....even I love myself very very much. hah...

oh. ..will you be interested in music class on Sun. afternoon like 4 PM for your son if we decide to have class next mon.

OH...I will check it out...and I knew it is Birkin as she already phone and email me ......haha......

Isabel said...

Rachel - I love cobalt blue and brown together!!! The colors are very complementary, and your boots are awesome! Are they new? I usually don't like wearing black/brown together, but your rodeo drive looks perfect with this ensemble, I am glad you got it back.

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Isabel; You know..I just put together an ensemble yesterday for that brooch you bought for me. I don't know if they goes together...not until see IRL. But I am very excited as the cameo you bought is very very pretty w/ green background.

OH, yes, the boots are new and I got them at pipeline for $297 on sale....I always want a suede boots but have not found a slouchy one that I love. I don't like the slouchy long boots just yet.......maybe this f/w.

This pair is the cutest boots I ever wore and have now. haha...I think the deep teal and dark brown would pop out ME >>>hehe.....

Thanks, girl. oh, I think you are still excited w/ your H birkin. hehe..I want to see my coral Valentine' bag so bad....can't wait. I trying to catch the tail of my early 30s before I head to 35??? I am starting to like cute, coral,...small ornaments....oh, well......hah....

Betsy said...

Rachel -- Just read your message regarding the music class in March. And yes, I'd be interested! We do have one Sunday already booked, but we have other Sundays available. Please email me further details once everything is confirmed.

Thanks a bunch.


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