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12 March, 2009

Updates Of Retro Christian Dior Dress TOP!

The concern of Chanel mini flap is its chain. For most people, they concern that the mini flap would sit right on their hip bone. Maybe it is also because they are just being body-conscious.

For me, I like the way wherever it sits on, whether my hip bone, my butt or even my belly. I assume that my body is not that curved to be aware where my flap would go as long as it is secured on me.

Today, the weather is quite nice and sunny. I prepared this ensemble just for such nice weather -- finally, my altered Christian Dior dress TOP has the chance to show its face. This is the debut of the top look and I shall have more inspiration for the two pieces dress in the future.


1. TOP:
  • Christian Dior multi-colored top after alternation (one shoulder stop w/ drape)
  • American Apparel teal green halter top / asymmetrical skirt dress
  • L. K. collection burgundy ruffle collar w/ tulip design 1/2 sleeves coat
  • Max&Co. ruched belt
2. Black lace leggings
3. Shoes: Charles David black pointed sling back stilletto
4. Chanel Black caviar mini flap w/ silver HW
5. Cameo w/ gold frame (chained as a necklace)

I shortened the chain to hand-held the mini flap.

I will wear the Dior top alone next time!!

Look at my triceps!! haha...

Mini flap sits on my butt!

Mini flap sits on my belly or hip bone!!

Why worry it so much?!! Just carry it away!!!


milkshake214 said...

Rachel (hope you don't mind me calling you by name :), I love how you alter clothes to fit your body/needs. The red/green combo is really bold and the mini really pops against the red jacket.

btw, your daughter is adorable!! my son's first "professional" haircut was so traumatic that we never went back :P

litlstrawberry said...


Thanks, sweetie. How have you been?

I guess that's why people say the personality of your children has something to do w/ their orders of being born. My little girl is really mature compared to the same age of my older son and older daughter. haha... I totally can imagine your son's freaking out about having a hair cut. But I remember my son is not so bad since I let him hold a big box of candy. hehe.....Since then, he enjoys going to there for a hair cut, always have some treats afterward. You should give it a try then. hah...

isabel said...

Rachel - I love how you wear your dior top over the dress.. It looks like you draped a shawl over the dress, very creative! Oh, does your mini flap come in other colors? Also, I just PM'ed you in TPF about your trip to L.A.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel: it comes in half of the rainbow colors but I can only get in SAKs for my GC. well,not too bad w/ black caviar.

Thanks, sis. Safe trip to Vegas!!


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