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13 March, 2009

A Hectic Day Out w/ Kids And My Mommy Friend!!

Today is my son and older daughter's PT meeting day. Therefore, they don't have school which means today is me-mommy extra work day. My friend, Cathy, and I decided to take kids to SF city and let the busy downtown SF keeps our kids entertained!!

Off we go SF city!!

Our first stop at Zara.
They don't allow food or drink in the store but we fail to see any sign about that until kids half way finish their snacks and drinks.
haha... Well, how can they expect Moms to shop there and not letting kids have a snack break in the store. Especially they have kids section at the 2ND floor.

Second stop, we walk all the way to Nordstrome/Bloomingdale.
My son volunteered to push the stroller. I am glad to have a break and have a super little nanny's help. Just when I am about to snap a pic. of Cathy and her son. The stroller which my son and my daughter pushed got stuck in between the crevice along the track. Suddenly, I heard Cathy yelled out and a girl carried Louis Vuitton Waterfall bag quickly ran to rescue my kids. Thanks to that stylish girl!!!

The direction where Cathy looked at is where my kids are!!

I am so happy that my son is almost 5 and he is such a great helper when outing!!

We have some ice cream yogurt at Bloomingdale and kids loved it!! I want to buy my older daughter some cute outfits and a swimsuit. We all stay at kid's fitting room and have a little party there.

I don't know what my little girl's up to talking on my I-phone!! haha....

Since I have not had time to take pic. for my ODJ I think it is a great moment to strike some poses when we are all in the fitting room.

Aw....... well, moms always busy as my little daughter always wants my attention. Let's just call it a day, shall we?!!

My ODJ!!

1. TOP:
  • Victoria Johnson for Kate Spade
  • Max & Co. taro color big knitting cardigan
2. Bottom: Gucci Capri
3. Shoes: Tod's suede flat
4. Chanel Valentine's coral red flap 09
5. Hermes Horn necklace w/ orange lacquer

My outfit are pretty simple but the colors rather suits my personality!!


milkshake214 said...

Rachel - A simple outfit but the colors really pop. The hermes horn necklace is gorgeous! Your daughter is super cute talking on your iphone...

btw, your mommy friend cathy looks great too! Love the black(?) belt over the red(?) top! Now only if I had mommy friends who like to shop haha

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Nancy: Maybe you care for joining us in the future?

yes, I like Cathy's belt too (Max&Co. this season). I want to get navy one but think...I don't need so many belts. haha...

milkshake214 said...

So sweet of you to offer and I would love to!! Too bad I'm in LA.... =(

I should start buying belts... I don't have any!

litlstrawberry said... you are close to Isabel..(Izybeli) heeh...

OH, you totally should get a belt. That's a staple showing you are not out-dated. hehe...


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