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24 March, 2009

Randomly stumbling across a friend!

This week, well, even today is only Tuesday, must be the best week of catching up w/ old and new friends of mine ever!!!

My friend, Cathy and I took kids out for a walk in such a nice sunny day. While we wait at table for a delicious lunch, suddenly I heard someone calling my name so loudly!!!! I can't recall if I felt embarrassing as everyone must look at us!! :P It took me more than a couple sec. to recognize this virtual friend. :) I mean, we talked a lot on line. We know each other through a fashion blog called purseforum but never had the chance to meet. She is very young as she is still in college.

I am so surprised that I meet another new friend IRL. But I guess I was too exited to invite her to sit down w/ us. Well, I know, I don't want kids to ruin her first impression over bad table manners. haha.... But speaking of
fashion, it is ageless!! Yes, our moms passion is fashion too!! haha.....


1. TOP:
  • Zara horizonal boat neck tonic top
  • Miss Sixty washed white jean jacket
2. Bottom: Nicholas Zosea Shimmer techno skirt w/ pockets
3. Black leggings
4. Chanel black caviar mini flap
5. Shoes: Sergio Rossi red heels w/ wide black ankle straps
6. Wool hat

I have been looking for this hat since last year.

The buckles on heels are over arch not exactly on ankles which I love.

I love this hat can add this cool attitude to my outfit.

Kids are the best entertainments to each other!!

Here are my new friends, Wai and her friend. (not sure if I can post her name. haha..)


Betsy said...

Rachel -- What a coincidence to bump into Wai!!! You both look very cute. I thought Wai only shopped in SF, but it's great to know that she comes down to Santana Row as well. The hat is a great addition to your stylish wardrobe. I love the attitude, for sure.

milkshake214 said...

Love the hat Rachel! It definitely adds that something extra to your outfit... very cool! The bow o the side also adds some femininity. Great buy! The red heels are gorgeous! I don't think I'm capable of running after my son in heels that high haha.

It's a small world isn't it?! It must have been a nice surprise to bump into cute wai. I have many friends in cupertino and fremont. Maybe I will also bump into you one day when I visit them! haha...

Wai Thit said...

Hi R, Betsey and N!

Gosh.. okay.. i am so embarassed now too that i shouted out R's name!! i was just soo surprised and i did see R's car (well i thought it was her cause i see the little stickers at the back) in front of burberry, and i was like it must be hers.. and then i was walking by the restaurant to get to valley fair and my friend was talking about how she wants to find a hat. and i was thinking... hat hat hat.. and i spot a hat and it was R! and i was just amazed and i felt like it was a dream or something! and we met, talked for like 2 mins (R's baby was really cute and she still have allergy.. poor baby) and we took a pic! U should have asked R!! i would love to sit and Chat!!! it would have been really fun!! and as u know i love kids.. it would actually be great!! lol.. well i am gonna be at sanatana row for the whole week this week, and u have my number, text me or call me anytime..i am jsut gonna do some studying, enjoying life there...

B, i used to shop a lot in Santana Row when Tod was there... cause my parents love it and i went through a Tod's Phase a few years agoo.. now i just go there now and then when i go see my friends.. and it's nice..i love the enirovment there and i am gonna be studying for GMAT and LSAT this week there.. soo come see me!!

N~ U do have to come see us and we can bump into each other it would be Fabulous!!

R! I didnt get to see your heels cause i was fixated on your gorgeous hat! u know u are really the most stylish one in the whole santana row and now that i see it, i love the heel!! gosh okay.. is it from this season? well i usually love everything on you.. lol.. but you look really stylish as usual yesterday! i am so psych to meet you and hope i get to see you more and learn more from you! (and yes i wouldnt shout your name next time.. sorry i was just super excited and i wasnt sure whether it was you or not!)

Purse Addict said...

I WANT those shoes!!!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, girls, nice to catch up w/ you all again. I think my little one is probably allergic to pollen?? although I have not got the lab result from the doc. Poor her......

Just dropping few words here as we might have a business trip down to LA w/ my DH next week. I am searching the hotel at this moment.

Hi, Wai: I will chat w/ you more later. Yes, the heels is probably this season as I just bought it last Sunday at the shoe Candy store at Santana Row. Cathy bought the same pair of heels yesterday after she saw mine. haha..... It is on sale and for $300 including tax, it is a great buy. I love the blooding red!! hehe...

litlstrawberry said...

bloody red.....not blooding..haha....

isabel said...

Rachel - I have already told you this over the phone, but I absolutely love your red heels!!! They are the perfect red - not too blue, and not too orange, and the black straps add an interesting element to the shoes. I wish we could meet up when you are in LA, but I completely understand it's so out of your way. Maybe when you visit Disneyland next time? Oh, I will be going to Taiwan in May, when are you going?

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Isabel: I am thinking of end of MAY too. Before the school ends...hum...but it is very very HOT HOT my mom said that maybe they can come over instead. Well...we got time to think.

Do you know early of May or end of May? We can meet in Taiwan if we are back at the same period of time.


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