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14 March, 2009

Moms Working overtime?!!!

Just when last week I claimed that weekends are mommy's heaven, because most husbands don't have to go to work; However, today my DH has a meeting w/ his boss/client. I have no complaint, no question asked but to take care of 3 kids in the afternoon. For me, I am so not used to be alone w/ kids on the weekends. I guess, as far as job is concern, they all require certain levels of dedication, especially being a full time mom.

I am not a demure housewife who sits at home only minding house work but I know such a woman/a friend's wife who just immigrate here 2 years ago. She knows little in English and doesn't know how to drive either. To her, life in USA is a total different world from China. But she is very lucky to have a husband who devoted to her, to work and to take care of their 1 yr. old son. I know the fact is because when my DH talks to her DH on the phone for work at night, I can always hear the voice of their son in the background. I never hear him yelling at his wife to quiet their son down nor raising voice on her. We all know he is such a good tempered man and a great father.

As for the wife I know, most of the time she stays home and teach/play w/ her son and she must enjoy it very much too. During weekends, her DH will drive her around for grocery shopping and visiting places. Again, weekends are her family time too.

Now I have to say I am, and we are all blessed!!! Every family has adapted themselves for a style of living, a way of communicating, and an avoiding getting into arguing. I always remind myself to cherish everyone surrounding me as I am a lucky woman too.

Here is my ODJ and i took pic. for myself while kids are napping!

1. TOP:
  • Gucci black collar ruched tank
  • Zara stripped blazer
  • metallic purple belt
  • Orange Boss Gray scarf
2. Bottom: Zara pretty print Velcro high-waist skirt
3. Purple textured socks
4. Chanel 08 s/s star brooch
5. Bag: Celine off-white tote
6. Shoes: Jean-Mitchel Cazabat metallic brown/purple buckle sandal
7. Accessory: Louis Vuitton large silver swirl hoop w/ logo dangles earrings

The blazer is fun, serious, and sexy look in 1.

Now I almost want to add a belt outside every blazer/coat I wear.

Trying a pose w/ curve~~

The socks will keep my feet warmer!

Spring, who are you hiding from?!!


milkshake214 said...

The print on the skirt is so pretty. I also cannot wait until spring is here. Although the weather in LA is warmer but it's still not nice enough to wear tanks/short skirts.

You are a super mom! I'm already plenty tired from 2 kids and you have 3! And you still manage to look so stylish and put together everyday. But I have to agree with you that we are all very blessed in different ways!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks. I like that zara skirt very much is like an abstract painting but you actually know it is a pic. of branches, and limbs w/ a sky background. well....i never had such pattern/print and attracts to it right I saw it.

hah....I would be very upset if I cannot dress pretty one day. :P I just want my kids know that mom loves them just as much as I love myself too.

I am glad you understand the realism of life as I do.

Betsy said...

Rachel - You took the words out of my mouth. Sometimes with all the daily worries about trivial things that we forget that we are all indeed very blessed with good health, great marriages, and happy children.

Again, you look fabulous even though I would never know how to wear socks like that with super sexy heels. :)

litlstrawberry said...

hehe...Betsy: that's right...that's why friends are important. We comfort each other, soothe each other when we complaint about EVERYTHING....hehe...than at the end, you know family is the only place you go back to eventually.

oh...just review my pic. again..I probably would go for a shorter socks next know, just like the length I am used to "up to the ankle" not this "calf length". But I guess it is fun nowadays that you pretty much wear all kinds of hosiery w/ skirt/shorts.


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