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10 March, 2009

Runway fashion for less!!

I was debating w/ myself about whether should I buy harem pants or jumpsuit when both of the pieces are so IN and so FUN. Then I decided to go for jumpsuit first.

I compared the prices of jumpsuits between BCBG runway item and H&M inspired runway look. BCBG ,of course, costs more about $238 when H&M has exactly the same copy of design for only $59. However, BCBG is make of silk while H&M's made of 100% viscose. I have not tried BCBG runway jumpsuit but I decided to buy H&M instead. The H&M jumpsuit is quite flatter my body and for what I had paid for a runway copy, I have no compliant about it.

I am more of a practical person. In fact, I have plenty silk clothes and I just started to feel they are high-maintainence. I used to so not bothered by such trivial errands when speaking of taking clothes to dry-cleaning or removing stains right away while inside the restaurant. But after years and years, I think I am going to give myself a break for this jumpsuit meaning NO SILK.

I guess next thing I want is a pair of nice cut harem pants. Yes, I think I would pay just a little more for that.

We went to pick kids up from school after back from SF city and went to Discovery store at Los Altos around 4: 30 PM.

Today is Vintage store field trip day!!


Today, my friend and I went to Haight street of SF city. We visited some vintage stores and I am suprisied they have quite a few second-hand stores in that streets. For buying second hand clothes/goods, a keen eye is what you need (The more you shop at second hand store, the better you are when finding treasures there.). Normally you would love something at the first sight, if there is any doubt, don't buy it then.

Though it be a skirt or a ring you are looking for, you probably want to picture about the looks you could do w/ it.

Last but not least, vintage should not be expensive. Unless you are a Hollywood star who needs Haute Couture.


1. TOP: H&M steel charcoal body suit
  • H&M jumpsuit (runway inspired)
  • L. K. Collection burgundy red ruffle collar w/ 3/4 sleeves coat
  • Ellen Tracy belt w/ gold buckle
2. Shoes: Costume National Navy oxford heels
3. Chanel black caviar mini flap w/ Silver HW
4. Accessory:
  • Chanel 08 onyx w/ cc dangle earrings
  • Designer friend, Elfi's water pearls silver chain necklace
I have to say going to the restroom when wearing jumpsuit is like changing diapers for my little girl. "troubleS"!!! I have to take off every piece on me literally, my belt, my jumpsuit, my mini flap and my body suit.......haha..........

My new find! Ruffle collared coat when unbutton!!

There is a little surprise at the back of this coat.....a cute bow!!

What can I say, it definitely worth the trouble sometimes when you want to look gorgeous!!

My mommy friend, Cathy!!


Isabel said...

Looking gorgeous Rachel!! Love your red coat and jumpsuit, and your mini flap is very cute... I love Cathy's fur vest, it's very apres-ski chic!

Betsy said...

Rachel -- Sounds like you had a wonderful SF visit. It's great that you and Cathy both can take your little ones all the way to SF for these treasure hunts. They are being trained to be expert shoppers themselves. I probably can't pull off something like that though.

Anyway, I do think that your friend's pretty necklace is somewhat being drowned out by your mini flap chain and the belt though. Regardless, you still look great.


litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Isabel. Yes,...Cathy got that new fur vest just today.... and she is wearing a high waist jean SKIRT.... from D&G. I think the front looks better. TOO bad I don't have the better shot of her ensemble.

oh, Betsy...hehe...yes, that necklace is basically invisible there. but this morning, when I don't have that coat on, I think there is pretty "dull" i add a necklace. Then I had my coat and then my flap.......haha...the necklace seems redundant then.


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