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22 March, 2009

Baby, Mommy Promised!!

Weekends are fun for family regardless you already had a plan or you didn't. What really matters is that the whole family involves in the activities and everyone has fun out of it.

On Saturday, it rained!! So my plan to take kids to Six Flag in Marine World had changed. We still drove all the way to SF city and had a nice lunch there. Me, as a mom, had worked my brain to think about somewhere else to take kids to. Somewhere that kids agreed upon. DH and I think the wind/rain might ruin the fun even we made it to Six Flag so we decided to visit discovery museum in SF city instead. Kids still loved the alternative destination and us, as a parent, kept our promises!!!

Here is my fun outfit for Sat. That red heels is the only wedge I had among all the shoes I have. I am a heel gal but for some reasons, I am very reckless when walking w/ those wedges. I sprained my ankle really bad once on wedges and ever since wedges are my last desire when shopping for heels.

I learned from fashion magazine that the scarfs are fun to use in any way. As a scarf, inevitably, as a head band, as a add-on decor. on hat but I like the idea of working it into a strap for the clutch the most. Oh, I just loved it!!

1. TOP:
  • Zara crew neck horizontal striped shirt
  • Max & Co. denim pleated baby-doll dress
2. Gray-white hosiery
3. Hermes scarf as strap
4. Shoes: No brand red lace wedges
5. Bag: Louis Vuitton Black mini Vernis Runway clutch/wallet
6. Chanel 08 s/s Star brooch
7. Chanel 08 s/s CC onyx dangle earrings

Never would think of using scarf as straps!! How clever whoever comes out the idea!!

I think I am going to save this red cherry wedges to my daughters!!

I can even cross-body carry my clutch...hand-free w/ kids!!

1 comment:

Betsy said...

Cute and fun! You are definitely young at heart and I can see you'll be a very fun mom to be for teenage girls.


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