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20 March, 2009

How timeless a piece can be when bought at chain stores??

I would say the answer is UP TO YOU!! Oh, yes, here we are talking about clothes in general.

It really is a state of mind when pairing clothes of what you had in the wardrobe and what do you want from the current trend. Right now, I am so wanting a pair of gladiator heels but it seems neither the budget nor the design fit into my category from the current selection. I thought every ensemble I paired would look great w/ a pair of gladiator heels. They effortlessly add edgier look to every outfit. I must not go astray spending on things which is not in my wish list!! hah....... Like my friend,
Isabel, said, I need to focus on searching my dream shoes.

But what's the substitution for a luxury spending?
Answer: Shopping at Chain stores.

Shopping at Kohls, Target designers for less, Zara, H&M ....etc. those chain stores is definitely a bargain. But how often you wear them and how long you would keep those pieces in your wardrobe? Personally I am very selective and I admit very occasionally I'd shop my clothes there. I like fine fabric, fine tailor. And it must have something to do w/ personal taste, budget, personality and most importantly, my age. I am in my early 30s and I am inclined to buy better quality pieces for them last longer. I wish my daughters would appreciate them when they grow up.

I bought a shorts from Zara couple weeks ago and planned to pair it w/ this smoky pink top which I had from Zara last year. I am glad they work well together so I don't have to find a top for the new shorts. I must admit, it must be my sign,
Virgo, since I like to maximize every single piece I had/kept in my wardrobe. I know one day my tiny closet will run out space for new things, but by then, I'd like to keep everything and work everything w/ my new buys.


1. TOP:
  • Zara collection smoky pink side ruffle sleeves top
  • Plastic Island long tuxedo blazer
2. Bottom: Zara moss green pleated, cuff shorts
3. Accessory: Lenora dame beads and embroidery necklace (bought at Anthropologies)
4. Chanel black bow w/ cc dangle earrings 09
5. Chanel Valentine's coral flap 09
6. Shoes: Boss Orange two-tone platform Mary-jean heels

Surprisingly, the tailored long blazer has a slightly bold-shouldered look of this year's big trend. Thanks to a bigger size of this blazer.

This Mary-jean has light color strap (silver/taupe), it won't cut legs short.

The super cute Chanel Valentine's flap is not just cute, it adds feminine color and look to my casual ensemble.

Long blazer always gives a relaxed casual chic look.


Betsy said...

Rachel - Lovely outfit for today. It's definitely something I would wear, though I am always hesitant to wear Mary janes as they do cut my legs short. However, I'm glad you pointed out that the neutral color of the strap doesn't do that. I'm amazed how well that necklace has done with various outfits that you have posted here. I would not have picked up that necklace if it was there in Anthropologie, but now that you've shown how well it works, I really love it.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy: thanks. I just found out the designer/brand name of the necklace. They have quite selection on line so you can check it out too.

Yes, I think this necklace works wonder on my clothes...I didn't plan to pair it but looking at my plain ensemble, I simply throw it on.

milkshake214 said...

Hi Rachel, I'm really enjoying your ensembles lately! I'm a big sucker for neutrals and pastels. It's great that you can incorporate the pink top from Zara(from last year?!) in with this outfit. Most of the time when I shop at stores like h&m or such I end up wearing the items only a few times that season. As the next year comes, I find I don't love them anymore. Perhaps they were more trendy?! But I agree with you about buying quality pieces that last longer...something I'm trying to stick to, but a shock to DH because he prefers the pricing of chain stores haha.
The weather in LA has been HOT! Into the 80s the past few days. But it's cooling down and might even rain on sunday. Six flags sounds fun! But rain would definitely ruin it. We took older son to legoland for his 2nd bday and it rained. Had to go back 2 days later for him to enjoy the place.
btw... love the fireplace!! Maybe mine needs a makeover haha.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Nancy.
haha..I understand most GUYs' thoughts about clothes. But you know, couple have influence to each other in a life time, no matter bad or good, eating habit or life style. My DH now only reminds me of buying w/ budget in mind. He won't mind I buy fancy/pricey/good quality stuff for myself or for the family. The sheets, the chair, the china, .....everything he is in party of it. He enjoys clean, soft sheet as I will tell him.......see....I wash, I buy, I make sure they feel the luxury. oh..of course, we are not RICH to buy the most expensive/luxury things but it just in my value, quality things do last longer and worth every penny you spend.

Oh..yes, speaking of buying at those chain store, they are really trendy. (most of the stuff) but if you buy wisely, you still can find some classic piece w/ great tailor and last couple seasons.

isabel said...

Rachel - This is one of my favorite outfit!!! I love the color, the proportion, and the silhouette. In fact, I think your mary janes complement this ensemble better than gladiator sandals would. Did you get your shorts recently? I want a pair too!! Do they come in other colors?

Wai Thit said...

R! i really think this is the most perfect outfit! u look just breathtaking! i really like it! lol.. i think i told u on the thread that ihve the same short too.. but it looks soo much greater on you~

litlstrawberry said...

haha...Cutie Wai: what's the size of the shorts you got? Me and my friend, Cathy got Small...but I wanted xs that they ran out. This shorts has great cutting and design and it flatters all shapes of BUTT. haha...

Thanks, sweetie, I am sure the shorts will look great on you too. BY THE WAT, did you model this shorts in tpf?? cause' I don't remember I saw you did though.

Wai Thit said...

I havent model them yet! I got them in xs. They were there yesterday.. hum u can check again.. i think they get new stocks on friday~ thats probably why i got them.. I model the other stuffs i got yesterday though.. hehe.. two blue shoes.. i think zara is my favorite brand!! and u just look soo perfect in this outfit! btw.. i have the pink shirt too!! lol

litlstrawberry said...

Cutie Wai: yes, I am sure I didn't see it on you yet. Oh...well, I ripped off the tag so I guess i will just wear that Size small...loosely then. haha..
Oh, i totally forgot to comment on the shoes...i will be back on tpf.

orihime said...

Hi again R :) I am a Virgo too!! Love the outfit, esp the shorts!! :)


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