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06 March, 2009

Vintage Clothes, Modern look!!

Here is the story behind the Christian Dior skirt dress.

My DH always said "Don't bring someone's junk home unless you are absolutely sure that'll be your treasure." I found
Christian Dior skirt dress at a second-hand shop and went back and forth for it. I know it is a high brand w/ great tailor but just not sure if I can pull of the whole look of it. It is for sale at only $25 and I can't believe the price is that good.

So even w/ that price, I dare not to buy it right away until I found a dress made by
Anna Sui. It is exactly the same pattern as Christian Dior skirt dress except they have different designs and fabricate from different textiles.

This is a punk look of Anna Sui's dress.

This is the authentic look of Christian Dior top.
Sleeveless simple top!
As you can tell there is no design around the neck!
(I forgot to take pic. of its plain old look.)

This is after I transformed the top.

Asymmetrical one shoulder top w/ some draping and ruched design at the other shoulder.

I played w/ the skirt and try a pin to soften the square look of it. But I think it looks as good as it is!!

I tried different color of the belts. The black one is like Anna Sui's but I like the dusty pink one to pop out more in between the top and the bottom. I am not sure I want to wear them as a set but I am just amazed how different designers come across the same pattern for their design.


Purse Addict said...

The white 2.55 is SO pretty...

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, purse!!
ok...then I have to say ...your fuchsia Birkin is drool inducing~~~~ my...... Is that croc?


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