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03 March, 2009

Too busy?!!

I didn't post on Sun. and Mon.

It is not because I didn't have Outfit Du Jour to post, it is because I spent more time on writing about myself, a mom of 3, and a fashionable woman whose mommy friends are all so fashion-forward that I feel it is such a blessing. I want to share this joy w/ everyone. I don't know if the newspaper or publisher will accept my article but this is what I always wanted to do. To share w/ everyone that I have so many friends who have the same passion about life, family, friends, and kids.

I am, of course, writing those in Chinese which is my mother tongue. I mustered all my courage, and even bought new stationary. All I need to do now is to master my Chinese typing skill to finish my writing.

There are still lots to edit before I send it out, so wish me luck!!!

Oh, just if I will enclose some pic. including you fabulous girls, I will email you for your permission in advance.

You know, this afternoon, when I went to school to pick up my son and my daughter, one of my daughter's classmate's mom commented my ODJ.
She goes: "OMG!! You look like a WONDER WOMAN today!!!". .....hah...

My relaxed ODJ!!

1. TOP:
  • American Apparel white tank
  • Coral/pink tank top (Taiwan designer)
  • Nicolas K. brown leather bomber jacket
2. Bottom: American Apparel metallic purple high waist mini spanx skirt
3. Sparkling purple hosiery (bought in Paris)
4. London Fog patent boots
5. Bag: Balenciaga Violet part-time 08 bag
6. Green organic Thai silk scarf

It must be the hosiery and skirt made my daughter's classmate's mom to say that. haha...


Betsy said...

Hey Wonder woman! I can't believe you are venturing into journalism as well. :) Gotta share a link if you get published. I'm really enjoying the pictures of you and your friend in American Apparel and I almost want to rush to Palo Alto myself to check out their stuff.

Wonder Power!! LOL.

litlstrawberry said...

Yes, I always heard about this AA brand but never step into the store. I always thought they are more for teens or girls like 20s....but they have quite a lot basics...all kinds I must say. It is a great place to do mix-n-match too as everything is so fun and great to work together.

You can be retro or trendy w/their clothes. They are not expensive ...maybe like GAP. But I am surprised that a tank or a mini skirt is still $30....I thought they are suppose to be like $10 or $15...haha.....for me, they are just simple cotton!!!!!!! oh..well.....

You should check it out but you have to be brave too =) Like me, be a wonder woman. hahha...

Yes, I am writing share the life, fun and experience. I will start from the newspaper and then see where I can go there.

Purse Addict said...

L O V E all your outfit posts!! Great pieces + great style + cute kids playing in the background = perfection :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, purse Addict.

I know the kids are such an amusement to us.
My kids always imitate me doing pretty much about everything. Pairing clothes,putting make-ups on.....hah... that's why moms always run out of time.....TO clean up the mess afterward. :)


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