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22 March, 2009

Grocery Shopping Fun w/ kids!!

This afternoon, my son had his first private music class. Well, actually, he and another boy shares the teacher. We thought it would be more fun for kids to learn music w/ others. Meanwhile, the teacher can pay more attention on our sons when there are only two students in a class.

After class dismissed, we went to a grand opened Japanese supermarket. Kids love to pick candies as treats which I save in my purse when needed. As moms, we bring all kinds of snack, drinks, or diapers, wipes, bottles w/ us. But my kids are not that little anymore and I don't like to carry a big diaper bag w/ me at all. Not even when they are little, in fact, I normally bring as little things as possible in my diaper bag and toss it in my car. So I never spend a dime on a fancy diaper bag. hah......I guess I saved money on that!!

My ODJ!!

1. TOP:
  • H&M black jumper
  • D&G brown chiffon top
2. Coat:
  • Chris Benz blue shirt w/ 4 pockets (I wore it in the morning)
  • Jill Stuart green peplum coat (changed as going to the supermarket and don't want to take the risk of staining the pretty coat)
3. Shoes: (I have to dress accordingly w/ my whole outfit)
  • Christian Louboutin Nude simple pump
  • Chanel two tone black/moss green pump
4. While organic beret hat
5. Chanel white distressed reissue in 227 09 cruise collection
6. Sonia Rykiel Swarovski crystals owl brooch made as a necklace

As promised, the close look of Chris Benz shirt/coat.

Bias cut in front!

I love combo. of brown and blue.

My morning look.

I am taking more pic. while waiting for the teacher to come.

My afternoon outfit w/ Chanel pump.

ha ha son is amused by the fly/mosquito killer wand!!


milkshake214 said...

hi Rachel - It's amazing how different an outfit looks with the simple change of jacket and shoes. I love the Chanel pumps with the green coat.
how did your son enjoy his music lesson? is he learning a specific instrument?

Betsy said...

Rachel - what a fun, casual outfit. I'm very curious about your jumper in your jacket/chiffon shirt and how else you'll be wearing it in the future. Jumpers are pretty big this season but I just don't see myself pulling it off. And I'm changing my mind about the Chanel pumps. You do make it work for your style. It's not uptight and too serious with the way you wear it. Great job.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Nancy: I hope the weather in LA was not that cold and windy last weekend.
yes, "NOW" I always think if I can have different jackets, heels and bags, I can transform the same outfit to different looks. Accessory does make differences.

My son is still learning rhythm and finger moves (mobility). They learn orders of C,D,E,F,G,A,B on the keyboard. I think he is only 4 1/2, it is too early for him to learn anything specific, except for tempo, and finger/head/read coordination. He loves playing keyboard a lot but the patient threshold is short too. Our class is only 40mins for two boys and I think that's good enough. Besides, we only have class every other week, so practice definitely needed!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Betsy: how is your daughter's class doing? Music? sorry I don't remember. I was going to sign up classes for my youngest daughter when signing my son for next tennis class. BUT I don't think I can commit myself every Thur. 9:30 AM for the class yet. .... Well, and since the class ends on June 8th, I am thinking of taking kids back to Taiwan at the end of May. ...... oh, well, ....I think too much. haha...

Oh, why don't you try short jumper. I think they are super comfy and super cute. The drawbacks of wearing jumper is going to bathroom. haha...I gotta tell you that I only went to bathroom twice on Sun. until I went to shower and change in the evening. hahahaha...... I think that jumper I had is just like a cropped pants to me except the fabric is even more relax/soft/unstructured. I just told Nancy that w/ different shoes, bags or accessories, you can transform any look easily. know what, my DH didn't ask me about the Chanel pump when we went to the grocery together yesterday. He must wander the pump looks new to him but the style is like....oh....well, old or not too fancy? haha...anyway, so I guess I can start to wear the pump in front of him now. hehe....


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