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Mini Flap On A Roll!!

I am so used to carrying big bags around, but when suddenly I switch to the mini flap, I feel it is such a relief from all the extra weight on me.

I am still wearing my medical hosiery like 12 hrs a day keeping the pressure on my left leg. I know the weight of a bag putting on my leg is insignificant compared to the pressure from carrying my little girl around most of the time. However, the tiny veins on my leg will disappear sooner with the benefit of shedding some pounds from my weight this summer and lightening everything I carry every day. So I guess I will start my another new year's resolution: exercise more and have a healthier/strict diet....Less Sugar!!

Now, even my skin can benefit from my body's natural anti-oxidant eating regime.

My ODJ!!

1. TOP:
  • Ted Baker ruffle/bib front white shirt
  • Yaya Aflalo vest sweater in beige
2. Bottom: Max&Co. navy studded button Bermuda shorts
3. Gray leggings
4. Shoes: Dior patent quited ankle boots
5. Chanel black cavier mini flap in silver HW
6. Accessory:
  • Chanel 08 s/s pink camellia w/ Gold trim dangle earrings
  • Big round beads necklace
  • small round beads necklace
  • Cameo brooch

I took my little daughter to have a hair cut. This is the first time for her but since she saw her brother and sister had hair cut before, she is so familiar w/ it. She didn't shed a drop of tears.

She is such a calm baby, speaking she is only 19 mo.

My lunch date w/ DH.

Little bag can be full of style if you carry it right!!

I bought couple new plants. Don't you just love spring after a long, dull winter!


isabel said…
Rachel - Now you make me want a mini flap!!! Does it come in other colors? You look fantastic as always... I see you are getting lots of mileage on your cameo brooch. Did you figure out how you would wear it as a necklace?
Betsy said…
Rachel -- I have to say you've got different expressions on your modeling pics today... looking more like sexy J.Lo... The cameo brooch looks very pretty with this outfit - a definitely great buy thanks to Izy.

As for Sara, I'm slightly bummed if she can't make Sunday afternoons but I hope something else will work out for all of us.

Btw, great news... I stumbled into the world of H today and met your SA Reiko. Guess what I walked out with?

A fabulous belt kit, in the most popular gold/black combo. I saw a fuscia ostrich/black combo too but it was way out of my budget. I told her that your recent purchase with her finally convinced me to get the belt that i've wanted for so long. In fact, I believe you brought tons of belt business to the SF Hermes boutique recently. I know that tpfer jperchen also bought one after seeing you. lol. And I'm sure Izy is bringing lots of belt business to the South Coast Plaza Hermes boutique too. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Isabel:
yes, like I said, you love your WOC and I lourrve my mini so much too. Yes, I think I will wear it as a necklace tomorrow......if that ensemble I planned work out looking good. I was going to wear the brooch as a necklace this morning but the gold chain I had is too long to place the cameo right on the collar bone so I give up.

Anyway...we will see tomorrow..

hhaha...Betsy: I always try to smile like that but end of like looking "wanted-to-look sexy" expression. hehe......

Yes, the brooch, I adore it w/ my other vintage find.

Well, I think I might want to find younger kids to form another group. I think my son (almost 5) and the other mom's son are going to have Sara as private music teacher to start "keyboard" soon. As for my older daughter, I think she is more age appropriate w/ younger kids like yours to have class together. you are in the H cult like Isabel said. Yes, Reiko mentioned fuscia belt to me but I told belt is hard to pull off....and sometimes it might be too "obvious" on an ensemble.

So, congrats. on your new addition of luxury items. IT is worth to have one. Pamper yourself!!!!

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