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29 March, 2009

I need a new routine.

On Fri. afternoon, we accompany my son for his tennis class as always. For that whole hour waiting, I think I can get some exercise as well. The gym is right next to the tennis court at the same community center. So I signed up for the whole family w/ their promotion rate. Most fitness centers provide kid-watch program so parents can concentrate on doing their exercises. I am pretty excited as I am going to wake up my every single cell of my body.

I did Zumba, Cha Cha dance and Yo-ga over last weekend. I have to admit that every move is somewhat different among various dancing. Even thought I have some foundation on dancing, it is still quite a challenge for me. For Zumba or Cha Cha, I learned to move along precisely on hip or shoulder w/ every beat, and I think the attitude will determine whether or not you are a good dancer in such a sexy dance. If you don't like to exercise, you better not quit dancing then. Woman are 10 times sexier if you know how to move your body

I don't have ODJ to post since I am too exhausted to do decent modeling. But I'd love to share my fun pic. over this weekend. Now I need to adapt myself for a new routine which allows me to keep up
my energy after exercising, and do blogging, and rest activities w/ my family .

Friday afternoon. Now I call it family get-fit day!!

I had my medical hosiery back on since I had chemical shots for my spider vein. Hopefully it will get rid off the tiny veins as much as possible.

Saturday afternoon. We girls meet at Santana Row at San Jose and our birthday girl bought 2 pairs of shoes where I bought my Sergio Rossi patent red buckle heels.

In fact, I want to pair a high waisted horizontal striped skirt for this ensemble. But since I don't have it, I guess I will have to look for it in the store or online.


isabel said...

Rachel - You always look so good.... I love how pair your denim skirt with your red heels! Thank you again for your advise on my "emergency" situation on Friday. Although the navy metallic is more stunning, I know I would not be happy knowing that it was ruined. I am happy with the new navy caviar jumbo, and it's very low maintenance. Oh, just want to let you know that there is a antique market this sunday in Irvine since it's the first sunday of april, I don't know if you'll have time to stop by, please let me know if you do though. Where will you be staying in L.A.?

Betsy said...

Rachel - You look good no matter what you wear. I think it's the confidence and attitude that seals the ODJ. I should get me some of that. Speaking of exercising, I'm glad you are picking up Zumba, Chacha and Yoga! I've been doing a similar Zumba/cardio dance for a while now and absolutely love it, though it's enough to help me lose some weight.

Anyway, aren't you in LA right now? I hope you're having a great time.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel: are you back in Vegas?
We girls just booked the ticket to Vegas on 4/11. Our DH decided that only girls go, they will take care of kids for 3 days. Yay~~~~

We are driving down on Wed. night. As you suggested, we will spend 2 nights at Santa Monica and move to Anaheim on Fri. night. So we can take kids to Disneyland. How long does it take to drive to the market??
Did you have a great time in Vegas?
OH, girl, I started my Pilate this morning for the very first time. I am not sure if my soreness comes from yesterday work-out or this morning's pilate. hah...but it feels good!! I am too tired to post anything and we girls just got together for a meeting of visiting Vegas next weekend too.

litlstrawberry said...

hah..Betsy: next time you probably will say i look good in my PJ. ...haha.... you are so cute and sweet. :)

Yes, I think we women really should work on our muscle strength. Good for health and I ever mentioned in TFP..that exercise prevent us from Osteoporosis too. I just tried Pilate this morning and somehow I don't quite know the differeces between yoga and Pilate. Ya.......Isable: what's the difference between those two???

We drive down on Wed. night. so my DH can have meeting on Thur. and Fri. morning w/ clients in Culver city. I guess I will have to take kids to explore Santa Monica/beach/ or just stay at the pool in the hotel. haha...

litlstrawberry said...

oh, Isabel: for first two nights, we stay at Georgian hotel in Santa Monica. Hope it is a great location.

milkshake214 said...

Rachel - It's so funny that your DH has meetings in culver city! We live in culver city and it's such a small city...thought that was quite interesting :) Georgian is at a great location in santa monica. It's walking distance to the beach/santa monica pier and 3rd street promenade. Definitely a lot for you guys to do!
It's great that you are starting dance classes and pilates. A variety is good to ensure you don't get bored with exercising daily! Personally I enjoy pilates a lot but have only done yoga a handful of times. Maybe Isabel is more qualified to compare the two :)

litlstrawberry said...

What? No kidding, Nancy!!! You live in Culver city???? So i should give you a call if I don't know where to take kids to or where to dine??? Then, where do you go shopping or where do you usually take kids to then?? Please give me some pointers......... Thank you!!!:)

milkshake214 said...

Hi Rachel, definitely feel free to call me if you need ideas! Since you are in Santa Monica, the closest shopping is 3rd street promenade. It's about 3 blocks of shops and restaurants where cars are not allowed in. There are street performers too. The weather should be good enough for the beach but probably not warm enough to go in the water. Santa Monica Pier is great for kids, but I have yet to take my son there since he's not yet 3. All of those places as I mentioned earlier you can walk to from the hotel you'll be staying at. If you want to drive, you can always visit Rodeo drive, or the Grove. Again, feel free to give me a call and I can tell you more details!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Nancy. I will pm you in tpfer then.

Wai Thit said...

OMG! i want to join.. i love shopping in santa monica and hanging on the beach! R you look cute in your history and gym outfit!! My SR got a big stained i think my 2 years old cousin draw on it.. now i am really sad.. what to do .. what to do...

litlstrawberry said...

What? Cutie???? I know,....the patent red is high I found there are 2 black ink mark (probably is from breaking when driving...) But they always be rubbed off. I don't know if you can try to rub off the colors from crayon?? or water ink......they should be outside the sealed red color ...... Just try rubbing off colors w/ your fingers HARDER and see if it works.


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